4 Easy Ways To Find Used Travel Trailers And RV

Sometimes, people find out just how much they wanna kick themselves for buying a brand new motorhome, RV or trailer, when they could have gotten the same great value for a much lesser price. Buying used travel trailers and RV has become the trend for most Americans these days. Why? People learn that the moment brand new cars, boats, RV’s or trailers are sold, their value immediately drops by a good 30% simply because they now fall under the category “used” or “second-hand”. It’s a little ironic, don’t you think? Rather than buying a brand new travel trailer or RV and spend thousands, why not settle for used travel trailers for sale by owner? There are four easy ways to get your hands on the travel trailer or RV of your dreams, without spending too much.

1)      Find out who’s selling – Go to internet websites such as Ebay or Craigslist, as well as used RV websites for more information about people wishing to sell their travel trailers or RV’s. Even the Classified Ads in the newspaper can be very useful. If possible, contact and deal with the owner himself, and not through a selling agent. Dealing with the owner can give you the opportunity to cut a better deal than through a selling agent who would only think about profiting from the entire transaction. Doing research takes a lot of time, but patience is the key if you really want to succeed. Also, doing your research will make you more equipped with enough knowledge which would be necessary later on when you make your actual selection. Another part of your research is to seek the advice of a friend or an expert in travel trailers.

2)      Broaden your choices – After contacting the different people that you found in your research, isolate the choices / offers that sound very promising. Do not settle for only one travel trailer or RV. It is best to have several prospects so you can make comparisons and identify which offer is ideal for you.

3)      Visit your prospects – When buying a used trailer or RV for sale by owner, visiting the owner and checking out the trailer is the most important part of the entire process of buying. Check everything, from the engine, batteries, electric and water supply, down to the interior of the trailer. Sweep your investigative eyes on the flooring, the walls, cabinets, and scour every inch and corner of the place. Don’t be squeamish. Check the bathroom and make sure everything is working. Open drawers, turn on faucets and switch on lights.

4)      Cut a deal – Selecting the cheapest offer isn’t always the right choice. Select the offer that presents the cheaper price with the best value.  If you happened to notice some damages on the travel trailer during your inspection, be sure to point this out to the owner, because this might turn the tables and lower the selling price even more.

The adage “patience is a virtue” is especially true when you buy a used item or property, such as a travel trailer or RV. This is not something that you can do overnight. If you do all the necessary research and preparation, then your quest of buying the ideal travel trailer would surely be a successful one.

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