Add Value to a Garage With a New Cedar Door and Custom Windows

A one-two punch combination for really beefing up your home’s exterior is to replace your existing drab garage door with a classy cedar garage door combined with some elegant custom window inserts. The combination of the warm tones of a quality wooden door with stylish window accents will make any home’s frontage more attractive, and you should realize a real return on your investment as well if selling a home.

Wood garage doors can be fairly pedestrian in appearance, but cedar adds a touch of rustic elegance.  These doors come in many styles from vertical planks, shakes, crisscrossed facings, or herring-bone patterns.  The finishes are gorgeous as well – it takes stains of almost any kind uniformly, and the natural wood with nothing more than a water sealant is also an attractive option.

In tandem with your new beautiful garage door consider installing custom garage door window inserts as well.  These accent features allow natural light into the garage’s interior, and they also spruce up the blank canvas of an expansive garage door immensely.

The preferred method of having these windows placed is to order them as an option at the time you order your cedar wood garage door from the factory.  That way the units come pre-installed professionally from the manufacturer, and the cedar wood doesn’t run the added risk of being damaged by a careless weekend carpenter.

If you insist upon installing them yourself, however, simple precautions should be taken.  The old adage “measure twice, cut once” couldn’t be more stressed – cutting a hole in a high-end wood door is a costly mistake.  Also, although cedar is one of the hardest woods used commercially, like any wood it is subject to scratching and scarring.

With proper care a garage door face lift can add serious value to any home in addition to the simple pleasure of having something attractive at which to look.

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