Argos and trade-in games

I have just been reading on the interenet that Argos online catalogue store is venturing into the second hand gaming Market. Is this true how can Argos so famous for just about everything now , I mean just look at their catalogue nowadays, what can’t you buy from there? Anyway back to the gaming part, the service was originally trialed in the north east of the UK , people could trade in up 250 different games for upto £20 , I read that a game such as Read Dead Redemption is considered one of the better games and worth the top mark of £20, and the games like Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog at the olympic games, are considered to be at the lower end and will only bring you in about £4. These are swapped for vouchers that can be used in stores , any game suposedly or one that works on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 consoles, can be traded in , and as many as you want, but only one of each.

There is still a battle about this though, as there is constantly a battle of words between retailers and developers since the co-founder of blitz games studios oliver andrew, supposed to be adamently against the whole priciple of second hand games and says its almost as damaging as The whole piracy thing , cant see where hes coming from , as there are over 10 million pirated copies circulating at any time.

The trade-in started on July 24th , and trade-ins where supposedly slow, but you know argos , next you know there will be a full page advert , then a television advert , then before you know it , they have taken over the world , watch out gaming world ,

How long is it before we see argos selling clothes, watch out littlewoods online , I can see womens clothing and summer dresses being next

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