Blackstrap Molasses: Sweetness To Your Way of Being Healthy

The quest for finding healthy sources is being upheld by men. With the higher cost of health care and severity of diseases, being healthy is taken importance. One main factor that affects health is the food man is eating. With the discovery that blackstrap molasses has greater good effects to the body, it is being used as substitute for sugar. Blackstrap has the same calories with sugar, produces a full taste to any food or drink added to and nutritional.

What Blackstrap Molasses Can Do

There are several good things molasses can contribute to a healthier body.

* Blackstrap is the most nutritious among the other types of molasses. It contains essential minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals ensure that the body functions well to prevent diseases and to feel generally good.
* Blackstrap molasses cures anemia. It is a rich source of iron which will restore depleted supply of iron. With sufficient iron, you will feel more alert and with lots of energy to do your daily tasks.
* Bone diseases due to low calcium such as osteopenia and osteoporosis are prevented due to the higher content of calcium in molasses.
* Molasses contains digestive enzymes that improve the work of the digestive system. It also promotes the elimination of toxins in the body.
* Several testimonies from those who are regularly taking molasses that it could help in treating tumors and preventing cancer.
* Those women who are undergoing menopause can benefit from molasses. Discomforts of menopause such as irritability, hot flashes, mood swings and cramps are diminished.

There are lots of ways to make blackstrap molasses part of your daily meal plan. By cooking various recipes, instead of using sugar, use molasses. You can add molasses in your drinks, coffee, cereals, milk and any other food. With regular intake, you will maintain your health and experience the great effects of molasses.

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