How to build LED grow lights

There is no doubt about it, LED grow lights have revolutionized indoor gardening, and because of this innovative invention, those who do not have access to a traditional garden in which to grow, plants can use their homes for this purposes. LEDs are easy to find – in fact, most home or DIY stores stock LEDs and as such building the LED grow lights is bound to be an uncomplicated process.
Those new to the world of LED grow lights, should start on a small scale and try to use materials which are readily available. To build simple LED grow lights, much of the materials can be found around the home, such as a wire coat hanger, a CD holder or spindle with a few CDs stacked on the spindle for weight and a row of LEDs.

How to build effective LED grow lights

The first step is to unravel the wire coat hanger, so that that the height is about 15 inches. One section of the coat hanger is attached to the CD spindle, while the top section of the wire hanger is fashioned to form a holder. Using a cardboard strip, the LED spindle can be attached to the board, and fixed onto the top section of the hanger. Electrical wiring will be required to power the LEDs, and once this has been completed the easily fashioned LED grow lights are ready for use and the growing can begin.
More than finding out how to build the LED grow lights, commercially manufactured grow lights are also readily available and these are sturdier than the homemade type, however – both LED grow lights will work on the same principle and will assist with indoor growing. After learning how to build LED grow lights, it becomes easier and ideas can be put into action to build the best LED grow lights best suited to specific growing needs. The LED grows lights have certain changed the indoor plant growing and more than cultivating plants for decorative purposes, the LED grow lights will work wonders for indoor vegetable patches.

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