Should I Buy A Corian Countertop?

If you are thinking about replacing your existing kitchen countertops with new ones, this post will be a good starting place for you. In this post we will focus on corian countertops, examining their strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to determine if they are worth purchasing. Specifically, we will be detailing corian’s visual appeal and its functionality and performance. Hopefully the information will help you in deciding whether or not a corian surface is the right choice for you.

Corian countertops, manufactured by DuPont, are solid surface worktops. They are solid from top to bottom, unlike some of the other manufactured surfaces which have particleboard cores. As a result, corian counters are relatively hardwearing. They are not toxic or porous, and are thus very hygienic and easy to wipe clean. Furthermore, if corian kitchen worktops do get scratched, the damage can usually by polished away.

Corian countertops also look amazing, and this is probably the factor that best explains why this type of kitchen countertop is very popular at the moment. Corian worktops can be fitted so that the joints between to boards and the joints between the worktop and any splashbacks is seamless. This creates a massive expanse of unbroken worktop that looks absolutely stunning. Although a corian countertop can look good in a traditional kitchen design, it is in the contemporary kitchen that corian really works the best. The smooth, sleek corian surface will brilliantly complement other modern, minimalist design features. Corian is available in a range of colors, so, whatever your kitchen decor you should be able to find a hue that fits in.

A corian countertop does not come cheaply. In fact, there are many other types of kitchen worktops that are more affordable. However, despite its hefty price tag, corian still represents good value for money. If you can stretch your budget to accommodate it, corian countertops are certainly worth investigating further.

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