How to Clean Window Screens: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Window Screens

At times, attempting to clean window screens can be a very frustrating task. Following is a simple three step process that will inform you of how to properly clean the window screens on the new homes Oklahoma City builders are selling or even on the older homes in the Oklahoma area.

Tools You Need To Clean Window Screens Effectively
Soft-medium bristled brush
Dish washing solution
Hand Towels that are lint-free
3 gallon bucket

The Layout Of The Window Screens
Many houses, including new homes Edmond OK locals can buy have windows and screens of different sizes that can make learning how to clean the screen properly a real pain. If this is true of your home, you certainly do not want to get the screens mixed up as putting them all back in their right places will be much like solving a difficult jigsaw puzzle.

Many people have different ideas about how to clean windows screens but the process is usually started by simply removing the screen first. If screens must be removed from the inside just stack them side by side in the doorway of the rooms that they are located in respectively. If you must remove them from the exterior, make certain to set each one near the window that it was taken down from.

When you are just starting to learn how to properly clean screens for home windows the next thing that you will need to do is to collect several screens at a time in order to rid them of dirt and grime. Once each group has been cleaned you can replace them in the same manner that they were removed.

Tip for cleaning screens on your windows: It is best to clean your screens in your yard on a warm and sunny afternoon.

Procedures For Cleaning Your Window Screens

Step 1 in learning the best way to clean your home window screens: Fill you washing pail with warm sudsy water by mixing in the dish washing solution that you have chosen to use. Begin with the first group of window screens by dipping your brush into the pail of soapy water and then gently scrubbing each screen side.

Step 2 in learning how to clean your home window screens: Using one hand, hold the screen up in the air and lightly smack the back of the screen until all of the water has been shaken free. You can tell which is the back side by finding the rubber cord that runs around the edge. This helps to secure the screen in place. People should be cautious of pushing or whipping the wrong side of the screen as this could push it out of the frame which will be problematic in Edmond Oklahoma homes for sale.

Step 3 in learning how to clean your home window screens: Once the water has been removed, wipe down the frame. The screen will then be ready to be put back in place.

How to clean the screens on the windows of your home: Screens That Are Extremely Dusty
When it comes to learning how to properly clean your home window screens, the above method will usually work just about every time. Screens that are very dusty, however, may be the exception. I find it best to pre-dust both sides of the screen when this is the case. This can be done using the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum or by simply dusting the screens with a dry cloth. Each side may need a good dusting twice. Once the majority of the dust has been removed you can then proceed to the steps listed above.

Cleaning Faded And Stained Window Screens
Window screen cleaners should always remember that some vinyl outdoor screen will look dirty even after they have received a good dusting and have been properly washed. This is a good thing to remember when considering selling your home. It will help your home to compete on the market with all other homes for sale in Edmond OK. This may due to surface staining caused b the dirt. Sun exposure can also lend a hand in fading screens. This, however, should not deter you from attempting to learn more about the proper cleaning techniques for home window screens.

Tips: Never place outdoor cooking grills near your windows. It can be very difficult to removed grease that has been caked onto the glass and nearly impossible to get this off of the screens themselves. Soap will help you to eliminate any grease that is already in place. This is a good thing to know if you have homes for sale in Edmond OK.

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