Cleaning Up With A Karcher

Hard outdoor surfaces tend to get grimy very quickly through day to day traffic, mossy growths and dirt and dust build up. The once-clean paths and patio surfaces can quickly grow to look filthy and become an unsightly mess if you fail to do something about it.

In the past a pressure washer was a device that was only seen in the occasional household because they were high priced gadgets that rarely got used. This has all changed. The price has fallen so that washers such as the Karcher electric pressure washers are now much more affordable. Add to that the accessories that are available to make cleaning a breeze.

The original Karcher pressure washer operated with a one inch nozzle attachment that was very effective in removing grime but only an inch at a time. It was perfectly fine for cleaning small areas such as garden paths and the like, but became a large chore when bigger areas had to be washed. Also, you were often left with a streaky uneven result because of the nature of the directed water.

Accessories such as the Karcher pressure washer T-Racer and the wash brush have taken a useful tool and turned it into an even more useful cleaning device. The T-Racer can be used to clean larger surface areas such as driveways and patios by simply attaching it to the original Karcher wand. The T-Racer covers around 12 inches at a time and operates through a couple of nozzles that spin at high speed to perform the cleaning action. The result is a much more consistent finish and the surfaces are given a very professional looking finish.

The same result can be expected when using the wash brush can be used for cleaning windows and painted surfaces. In the past you ran the risk of destroying more delicate surfaces due to the power of the water pressure. The wash brush uses that power in a more constructive way to turn the brushes that perform the washing action.

The Karcher pressure washer has become an extremely reliable and versatile cleaning instrument all around the house.

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