The Correct Makeup For Asian Women

While it may come as no surprise that Asian women possess beauty which, in a sense, is simply out of this world. Now you may call this an exaggerated statement, but ask any person and he will tell you that Asia has some of the most beautiful looking women in the world. The only unfortunate flaw this beauty has is that it is quite a challenge for Asian women looking for the right makeup. Factors which contribute to this include the color of their skin, the round shape of their faces, tilted eyes, and thick lips. It is hard indeed, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find the right make up for them.

If an Asian woman wants to get the most out of her money then she should know the right kind of make up that can compliment her skin. And speaking of skin, Asians are not as pale as Caucasians so they need to apply foundation which has a yellow undertone. It is also advisable for them to stick with just one brand of foundation because constantly switching brands can lead to skin discoloration. Asian skin is also known to secrete a high amount of oil so choosing cosmetics that are oil free is a must.

As far as the eyes go, mascara with a darker tone is the best choice as this really compliments Asian eyes very well. You should also avoid using cream based eye make ups as they tend to be very oily. Powder make up is much better to used because its lighter shades are perfect for Asian skin. So if you follow these tips on how to choose the correct Asian makeup then you should have no problems in trying to look beautiful. Once you have followed all the steps here you will be able to show the world just how beautiful the women of Asia truly are.

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