Decadent Wedding Cake Secrets

I grew up in an era where everything that we ate came out of a box and was prepackaged. I think back on the 70s most wedding cakes tasted as if they were made from the box. Thank goodness that is true today. Most wedding cakes are moist and delicious. Aside from the bride, the wedding cake is usually the most looked at and talked about item in a wedding. There is no reason to sacrifice quality in a wedding cake. However, be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your hard-earned cash to get a high quality wedding cake. One thing I must say about a wedding cake is that it is never wasted. Think of all the preparation you put in to your wedding such as invitations and flowers. Most of these will go on remembered. But if you have a good wedding cake, it will be remembered for years to come.  If you want to make the mother of all cakes, then you may want to consider a DIY wedding cake!  Be bold and adventurous.  You can experiment several months in advance to get it right.

Martha Steward Wedding Cake Recipes

How could you go wrong with a Martha Stewart wedding cake recipe. Her name is synonymous with home baking. Take a trip to her wedding site and you are defined enough cake recipes to keep you busy your entire married life. She has everything from the basic white cake recipe to the most extravagant wedding cake recipe on earth. When you hear the term “this cake is to die for” you’re talking about a Martha Stewart recipe.
Chocolate Petal Cake
White Rose Wedding Cake
Rum Wedding Cake
Embellished White Wedding Cake
Dutch Golden Age Wedding Cake
Crushed-Candy Wedding Cake Recipe
Chocolate Kumquat Wedding Cake

Search Online For Free Wedding Cake Recipes

There is no need to pay for any recipes when the net is full of thousands of time tested recipes. Everybody that has a great recipe wants to share it.  Google the words “Cheap wedding cake ideas” and you will see what I mean.  If you can learn how to save money on big ticket items like wedding cakes, then you will not have to be searching the classifieds for cheap honeymoon ideas.

When you finally decide on a recipe and theme to go with for your cake, then the next step is going to involve baking the cake. You are going to need the basic things such as a large KitchenAid mixer and baking pans. A trick that I learned in the past is whenever I need something, I buy it used on either craigslist or eBay, and then I sell it again when I’m done using it. This really minimizes the cost. You can do the same thing with your wedding cake baking pans, etc.

I would start out with baking several small cakes and trying them on your friends and family. You are going to surprise a lot of people when they discover that you have a talent for baking.

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