What is Dog Training?

Dog training involves different processes and methods of teaching a dog to follow commands. The most common behaviors taught to dogs are: lay down, sit, and relieve at certain designated areas. The most effective method of dog training is to use positive enforcement and treats. Some trainers also uses a clicker in the training process.

There are modern methods of training a dog. At the same time, there are many objectives for training. Some dogs are trained for obedience. They specialize in areas that include search and rescue, law enforcement, hunting, military, assistance to people with special needs, herding livestock, protecting property, dog sports, and entertainment.

DogsĀ are, by nature, pack animals. They have the natural instinct to favor their pack leader. Most domestic dogs can naturally interpret signals given by a human handler. This can be through instinct or breeding.

Most owners train their dogs because they live in the same domestic set up. Dogs have to behave in ways that they are not harmful to the people and animals around them as well as items such as furniture. It is also important so that their owners can keep them safe.

Generally, dogs cannot figure out the basic obedience commands on their own. It is important for owners and trainers to remember that they are, after all, training dogs and not humans. Do not expect to get positive results when you apply standards based on human society. Naturally, the dog will not understand what you want him or her to do.

Many TV shows and movies make us believe that dogs can deliberately deceive, insult, or injure you on a personal level. Dogs will always act according to their nature. It is important to never use violence or forcefulness in the training. Always apply patience and consideration. Treating dogs with violence and forcefulness will add stress which may lead to violence and illness in the dog itself.

The most difficult part in dog training is to communicate with the dog in a way that is human but understandable to the animal as well. The solution is to use rewards as a means of encouraging good behavior. Bad behavior, on the other hand, can corrected by ignoring the dog and not giving the treat as a punishment.

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