Drug Withdrawal and Anger

Withdrawal is a common symptom of drug rehabilitation because it is an effect of trying to “cleanse” an individual of the harmful toxins left by drug abuse.  Withdrawal goes hand in hand with drug dependence; it is an inevitable step in the addiction treatment process that can cause symptoms like restlessness, lack of appetite, anxiety, depression, and anger.  Mood swings are also common among recovering addicts facing withdrawal; they can be happy one second, and get very depressed in the next.  Anger is a main symptom of withdrawal, and few who undergo addiction treatment do not go through an “angry phase.”  During withdrawal, one can get angry without provocation.  All one can do is accept it and find ways to vent out and channel this energy productively.

Anger is part of the drug rehabilitation process and it, together with other withdrawal symptoms, usually manifests within the first 8 hours of detoxification and can last for 10-45 days depending on the individual and the nature of addiction.  Some may argue that anger is a natural emotion and a common occurrence in society, but the anger related to addiction treatment is considered different due to its cause.  Recovering addicts can get angry for no reason at all, and will try to obtain drugs to alleviate this emotion.  Seasons Recovery Center offers anger management programs that will help recovering addicts deal with their anger so that they can clear their minds and focus on getting better.  Anger can often blind individuals of the consequences of their actions, and this can prove detrimental to addiction treatment as a whole.  The drug rehabilitation programs at Seasons Recovery Center address anger and other withdrawal symptoms by targeting addiction at its root cause.

Anger management may seem trivial to those already facing much worse problems like addiction treatment and recovery; however, curbing one’s anger or channeling its energy into productive and life-enhancing activities will prove beneficial in the long run.  At Seasons Recovery Center, withdrawal symptoms are addressed at its roots at the onset of the detoxification process.  By doing so, recovering addicts can expect a difficult but smooth transition from detox to treatment and aftercare.

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