Using Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair

Many people cite hair washing and styling as one of the biggest time drains in their daily routine. Indeed it can become a bit much, particularly if you have long hair that needs straightened or curls. The minutes can turn into hours between washing, blow drying, straightening, and styling. People with dry hair are lucky in the sense that they can get away with doing this long routine only once or twice a week. But people with oily hair usually need to wash their hair daily to avoid having hair that looks like an oil slick. This is where dry shampoo comes in handy. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it, or you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work out for you. The good news is that today’s dry shampoos run circles around the dry shampoos of even just a few years ago.

In fact, as dry shampoos continue to improve, this once obscure product is now becoming more and more mainstream and as such, there are now dozens of dry shampoos on the market. Some are better at certain tasks than others, so the question of which is the best dry shampoo for oily hair depends on what else you want to accomplish besides soaking up the grease and making your hair look clean. Are you looking to add lift? Are you looking to give your hair a nice scent? Do you need to add some color?

A great choice when it comes to giving your unwashed hair some much-needed volume is Tigi dry shampoo. This product does a great job of making your hair look like it has volume and body even if you have always struggled with limp hair. When it comes to fragrance, the Batiste line of dry shampoo offers several different fragrances to suit your mood. For those who have trouble blending the traditionally white powder in their hair, Bumble and Bumble has a line of hair powders that come in many common hair shades such as black, brown, and blond. Most dry shampoos you can buy these days are going to a decent job at soaking up oil so savvy consumers are picking up the formulas that will also solve their other hair problems.

Modern dry shampoos do such a great job of making hair look fresh that even people who don’t hesitate to wash their hair regularly are becoming regular customers. That’s because it’s so convenient for freshening up after the gym. It’s also a great idea for travel because it means you can leave your shampoo, conditioner, dryer, and other styling tools and products at home.

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