What Is A Dump Truck And How To Use One?

A dump truck is a huge commercial truck designed to carry and transport construction materials such as soil, sand or gravel. A dump truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open box bed or container mounted at the rear, and the driver’s operating compartment at the front. The containment box can be lifted at an angle that permits its contents to fall out or be “dumped” to the ground, hence the name dump truck. It is quite easy to obtain dump trucks without the need to purchase one. A dump truck rental can be rented from any construction company near you. However, you must have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate this hulking machine before getting it on the road.

Above anything else, you must be equipped with basic driving skills to be able to operate a dump truck. You must be familiar with all the controls of the truck as they will sometimes vary depending on the type of dump truck. You also need to know about driving and safety regulations, parking and defensive maneuvers.

Next, you must possess the license to drive a dump truck. In the United States, there are different classes of driver’s license according to what type of vehicle you are skilled enough to drive. To drive a dump truck, you must have a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (Class-A CDL). Class-A means you have completed the training of operating large or heavy equipment. Most construction companies will check your license before permitting you to rent one of their dump trucks.

Another thing is, you should be fully knowledgeable on how to operate the dump truck, such as knowing where the controls are located, how these controls are operated, any additional switches and other features of the dump truck. As mentioned, the controls vary depending on the type of truck you’re using. When you rent a dump truck, be sure to orient and familiarize yourself first with the truck before getting it on the road.

Always remember that being fully equipped with knowledge, skills and training, plus a cautious attitude and good presence of mind, will protect you from the potential dangers of driving a dump truck.

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