Fitness Games for the New XBox Kinect

Microsoft Kinect at TechDays Toronto 2010
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Many have been anticipating the release of the new Xbox Kinect game that will soon be arriving. It is going to be controller free. This game system is designed to track the movements of your body, so naturally it would have to also have some exercise type games. The ones that are responsible for designing games for the Xbox Kinect have already thought of this. There are two exercise games that are going to be made available to play on the Kinect right around the same time the game system will be released.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is a game that will allow you to get in shape and burn off calories in many different ways. This game will also have family friendly games and will also allow you to participate in work outs with a personal trainer or in an exercise class. This game will provide you feedback with every move you make to ensure you are doing each exercise properly. The game will respond to your goals that you can set according to your own fitness level. The game will provide visuals to keep you going and make the work out fun. This game will be released around November of 2010.

Zumba Fitness is another game that is going to be released for the Kinect. It is another work out game that is based on dance fitness. It is a game that is based on Latin music and other international dance that has excellent choreography to go along with it. It features choreography routines from Zumba instructors such as Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and Zumba creator Beto. While using this game you will be able to see yourself inside the game on the television screen playing the game and will not have to worry about stopping and pausing to use the controller. This game is a great workout centered on dance and it can help your endurance, strength, and body tone.

Zumba Fitness and Fitness Evolved will definitely be at the top of the list when the games for Kinect are available to be purchased. Many will find that these games give them a drive to complete the workout and exercise that they need to have and they will not even need to get out of the house to do it. This will save people time and money by not having to travel anywhere to get their workout and by not spending the money to join a gym. These two games may present a problem to gyms in the area since some of their customers may choose to cancel. Some gyms may wind up deciding to add these two games in their own classes to give it a little twist.

There are also going to be several games that will come available to use for dance so that you can get some exercise while having a good time. This is the great thing about the Xbox Kinect. There are so many things that it can do and so many ideas it holds.

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