Can Food Cause Acne Problems?

Surprisingly, there isn’t any proof to back up the long held belief that greasy foods and chocolate have an impact on acne outbreaks.  Some people swear there is a connection between the two but there is no  proven facts to back up this conviction.

The belief is that food high in saturated fats and trans fats have a direct relationship to excessively oily skin.  They believe eating greasy foods contributes to acne breakouts.  You can find saturated fats in most animal related food products.  For example, meats, poultry and dairy all contain saturated fats.  It’s hard to avoid fats in our diet and there is no proof that directly relates an oily diet with skin blemishes. A greasy diet is not good for you but it doesn’t cause acne.

Another belief is that eating chocolate will cause pimples. This is a myth and has no medical proof to back it up.  Doctors agree that no specific food can cause an outbreak of acne.  One point brought up by the medical field is that a person following a balanced, healthy diet normally has healthier skin.

If you are plagued with severe acne that is not alleviated by over the counter drugs and creams, you may want to look into acne laser treatment.  Laser removal is successful for treating acne and various other cosmetic treatments such as stretch mark removal and removal of small lines and wrinkles.   If you are interested in this procedure, you should discuss it with your dermatologist.  Not all skin types and acne types are suitable for laser treatment.

In conclusion, although the medical community agrees that you cannot say one particular food will cause an acne breakout, following a healthy diet may help lessen your acne problem.  Getting your quota of vitamins and minerals by eating healthy can give your skin a healthier foundation for fending off problem skin.

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