What is the FreeStyle Lite Glucose Monitor?

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage.  Many patients become overwhelmed when their doctor suddenly asks them to start improving their diet, losing weight and monitoring their sugars.  Sometimes this process is made easier by visiting a nutritionist to learn about healthy food choices.  However, many patients cannot afford or do not have the time to do these things and monitoring blood sugars at home becomes even more important.  The FreeStyle Lite Glucose monitor is a machine that makes this process extremely easy for the patient.

The FreeStyle Lite glucose meter is very easy for patients to use because it requires fewer steps than most other available sugar machines.  This machine does not require frequent coding steps. It also requires the smallest blood sample needed for testing when compared to other popular meters. This meter will store 400 test results and it will average your readings over one, two and four weeks.  In addition, you can program this machine to remind you to test your blood sugars.  It uses the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose testing strips and lancets to elimate confusion.

Sadly there is no diabetes cure, so understanding how to monitor your blood sugar and choosing healthy diabetic snacks are very important parts of diabetic management.  The goal of treatment is to improve blood sugar levels so that the risk of complications can be significantly reduced.  Checking your sugar daily with a reliable and easy to use glucose meter is a valuable step in managing your sugar levels.  The FreeStyle Lite is designed with the patient in mind. By reducing the pain and time involved in testing, patients are more likely to check their readings routinely.  If you would like to start using a blood glucose machine, ask your doctor if the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter would be a good choice for you.

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