GM Diet: Usage of Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight

The General Motors Diet or GM Diet as it’s famously called is a diet specifically created for the company it was named for. Created in the 1980’s for General motors, this diet program was developed for the employees and their families in accordance to the management’s goal of implementing a fitness program utilizing fat burning foods that could be observed by everyone.

Considerations before starting on your GM Diet:

  • Alcoholic beverages should be avoided
  • No less than 10 glasses of water should be consumed per day
  • A break of 2- 3 days should be observed before starting on your next seven day program is recommended to avoid any complications.
  • Fruit juices aren’t allowed except on the seventh day of the program
  • 2 glasses of white wine or beer are the only exceptions to the “No Alcohol” rule. Hard liquor like vodka, whiskey, or rum is not allowed.
  • The plan works by using your intake of fat burning foods to cut down on your body’s caloric value while maintaining sufficient body nutrition.
  • Rundown of the Seven Day-to-Day GM Diet plan:

    Day One: Intake of every kind of fruit except for bananas. Limiting your intake to melons would ensure that you’d lose about three pounds on day one. The amount of fruits you eat wouldn’t matter. Eat as much as you like! Day one helps prepare your body for the entire program.

    Day Two: Consumption of various types of cooked or raw vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are needed to fire up your energy in the morning. A large baked potato is one good way to start your day. Baked potato during breakfast would provide your body enough energy throughout the day. A pat of butter is also allowed on your potato.

    Day Three: A combination of fruits and vegetables is your third day- diet. You could eat as much as you like provided that no potatoes or bananas are on the menu. When broken down, fruits provide your body with carbohydrates it needs. The third day prepares your body to lose excess fats.

    Day Four: Eating as much as eight bananas and drinking three glasses of milk is advised. The bananas would provide potassium and sodium needed by your body. Your desire for some sweets would noticeably lessen.

    Day Five: Your menu for this day is one cup of rice and six whole tomatoes. Drinking 12 glasses of water is also advised to cleanse your system of all the uric acid that your body might produce. Persons aging 39 and below could add beef to their diet as source of protein and iron. The tomatoes would facilitate digestion and provide fiber for your system.

    Day Six: One cup of rice and any type of vegetables are the only foods you can eat this day. The vegetable could be cooked or raw. For those who are ages 39 and below, the Day Five menu may be repeated.

    Day Seven: One cup of rice, a glass of fruit juice, and any type of vegetable is your menu for the last day.

    Consulting your doctor before using this diet is recommended to ensure that your body would be able to sustain the program. The fat burning foods utilized in the program help in not only help in making you lose weight but also in detoxifying impurities in your system.

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