Guide for Choosing a Suitcase

Cheap suitcases may seem like a smart investment, but you will probably change your mind if the wheels or straps break off while traveling. Just like with any other product, you will get what you pay for when it comes to luggage. Both casual and regular travelers should buy good quality luggage that they can keep for several years without having to worry about it breaking down while traveling. Spend a few extra dollars and buy a quality product.

Think about the destinations you will be traveling to. Cute luggage or cheap suitcases for sale may be a good choice if you are only traveling once or twice, but strong luggage should be purchased if you plan to travel regularly. Outdoor traveling will also require much stronger luggage that is weatherproof and resistant to wearing. If you are only traveling through airports, you will need a suitcase with a good set of wheels.


Ask yourself how long you will be traveling for. If you are only going to be gone for a couple days, a 22″ suitcase should be more than enough to hold your belongings. If you plan to leave for several weeks, a couple 30″ suitcases may be required to fit all of your belongings. If you are going on both long and short trips, but a luggage set with multiple sizes.


There are no shape limitations when it comes to suitcases. However, most luggage pieces are rectangle because that is the most convenient shape to travel with. If you have a oddly shaped back, the airline may require you to put it in over-sized baggage check-in. This can be a lengthy procedure and cost more than normal baggage check-in.


If you are traveling for a long time, one suitcase will not sufficient for holding your belongings. A suitcase set includes several luggage pieces, so you buy all of them with minimal hassle. All the pieces will match together, with a different size to suit every type of traveling.

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