Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Facts

Gynecomastia is the term given to oversized breasts found in a percentage of the male population.  While it does not possess any threat physically, psychologically this condition can be quite upsetting and even lead to feelings of isolation.  It is probably safe to say that not too many young boys who have these male breasts get overly excited about undressing in front of others.  Gym class might be avoided as most people change publically in the school gym locker facilities.  Teens love to tease each other in general and this condition is no exception when looking for ways to pick on another.

At a time when hormones are kicking in and many young adolescent males may be starting to notice breasts in the opposite sex this is probably one of the last things a teenage boy wants to see when he looks in the mirror.  The exact incidence of how often it occurs is not known but it seems to be most common in newborns, adolescents and older men.  While they do not actually produce milk lower levels of testosterone in some males causes this over development of their mammary glands.

Though not always the case, in boys and men who are overweight, the breasts may actually resemble that of a woman, something most boys and men do not find desirable.  Unlike the appearance of breasts in boys and men, who are obese, gynecomastia does not simply disappear with diet and exercise and some males eventually undergo gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia Surgery cost is about $3500.

Some males who live with gynecomastia admit they suffer deeply and that the emotional impact causes them to avoid women all together, as well as negatively affecting their self esteem leading to feelings of insecurity.  In the summertime when teenagers love to get together for a swim at the pool or weekend at the beach males with unwanted breasts might choose to decline such an invitation.

Patients who opt for the surgical procedure can choose between surgery, liposuction or a combination of the two.  During gynecomastia surgery an incision is made near the nipple and the surgeon cuts away the excess fat.  Once the operation is complete the patient will generally be left with a scar that is barely noticeable.  What might be obvious is the sudden change in personality often found in young men and adults who seek this treatment.  Teens, who have appeared shy in the past as well as adults, might be the first one to remove their shirt, following the operation, for a dip in the lake.

After gynecomastia surgery, some patients say they feel like a whole new person and are filled with a confidence they once lacked.  Gynecomastia causes more of a psychological problem than being a health risk, but unlike some serious medical conditions it can be easily treated.  With so much emphasis placed on physical appearance sudden changes often observed in the personalities of those who choose the procedure does not come as any huge surprise.  What may be shocking to some, however, is that many men care just as much about their physical appearance, as is commonly perceived in women.

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