Home Air Conditioning Repair: Knowing the Parts of Your Cooling Unit

An air conditioner is a piece of equipment that is made to withstand longtime abuse and still keep on functioning. However, it does not mean that proper maintenance should not be exercised. Regular home air conditioning repair is needed in order to ensure the good performance and long life of an air conditioning unit. Whether the repair is done by qualified technicians, like those being offered Home Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta, GA, or an ordinary homeowner like you, it important that this task is carried out properly to prevent damage to the AC unit.

Repair of a cooling unit is not an easy task. This is a kind of job that requires knowledge on the various parts of the unit as well as the schematics on how it works. This is the reason why air conditioner tune-up is recommended to be done by experienced technicians and not by common homeowners. Though, of course, there is always an exemption.

An air conditioning unit is composed of several parts that have their individual functions. The compressor is the component that compresses low pressure refrigerant gas to high temperature, high pressure gas. This is driven by an electric motor and is usually found in the outside portion of the unit. Another part of an air conditioner is the condenser. This part is a condensing coil where high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas flows. Located over it is a fan that cools the refrigerant gas back to liquid form. This part is also found in the exterior area of a cooling unit, packaged together with the compressor.

An air conditioning unit also has a metering device that dispenses liquid refrigerant into an evaporator coil. This has temperature sensing control that shuts and opens the device during refrigerant flow. It can be simply a thin piece of tubing or a thermostatic expansion valve. The evaporator or cooling coil of an air conditioner is the part where evaporation of the liquid refrigerant takes place. Located inside the air handler, this part is responsible for absorbing heat and cooling indoor air across the coil.

Two other components are the air handler and the duct system. The air handler or blower unit blows air through or across the evaporator coil so that air does not form moisture inside the coil. The duct system is the part that distributes cooled air from the air handler to the room and collects air from the room to the air handler of the cooling system.

Now that you know the basic components of an AC unit and how they function, it will now be easier for you to carry out simple maintenance task without requiring the help of a professional.

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