Kids Photography – How to Calm An Upest Child

One of the quickest ways to earn some extra money from your photography can be kid’s photography. Parents and families want portraits of their children taking all the time, so on any week of the year it is possibly to have children that portraits are required of.

I say quickest ways to earn money but not always the easiest, children can test your patience, if you are a person who has a short fuse, this may not be the best idea for you I would advise you try seniors or couples photography as an alternative. However assuming that you are a person with patience to spare kids photography can be very satisfying and rewarding.

Especially satisfying if the child concerned proves to be difficult or becomes upset and cries (it will happen I guarantee) clinging to a parent and reusing to take part. If you can bring these children around and take beautiful pictures of them irrespective of whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, these are days to treasure and enjoy.

How do you do this, bring them around from being upset to great portraits? Obviously there is no magic remedy or phrase that works every time, and every child is different, but they usually like to play, so if you can remember the child within you, without feeling self conscious, start to play on your own perhaps with an age relevant toy, or perhaps a soft ball or balloon (always popular with children). Continue to play without trying to coax the child to join in at first, they need to know it is playing for real and not a ruse, slowly but surely, the child will calm and want to join in the game.

When this eventually happens never stop playing always continue with the game, wait for the opportunity to reintroduce the camera, usually at some point the child will take over the main role in the game, this is the best time to take those first few pictures. Often all those previous concerns disappear and the session starts in earnest with the pictures starting to flow. At the end you will have a very satisfying feeling like no other, together with a happy set of parents looking forward to purchasing pictures from you.

When it comes down to it, kids photography is like no other form of photography when it comes to seeing satisfaction and enjoyment all over your clients faces as they collect the pictures that you produce.

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