Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer: Specializing in Nursing Home Malpractice Claims

The reason why the elderly in our community decide to live in nursing home facilities is that they may have a stable and comfortable place to live in their final years especially if they are suffering from health conditions. They choose a certain facility because they were given the expectations that they would find comfort and stability in that environment. It would be a complete traumatic experience for our elderly if they were to experience nothing from what was promised to them. Often, they are physically and psychologically abused and mistreated and sometimes, cheated with their medications. Since they are too afraid to speak out, they suffer more in fear. The only time they are able to speak out and receive justice is when their family or a concerned citizen discovers the ugly truth. If so, it is best that they consult a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to help them file a nursing home malpractice claim.

Often, family members and concerned community members are taken aback with the number of injuries and the sudden additional medical attention an elderly has received and this urges them to investigate. When you have a Las Vegas injury attorney to provide legal assistance, you are guaranteed to have a strong voice for our elderly who have been neglected. They also provide legal assistance for the elderly who have been injured in such cases like bed sores, dehydration, poor nutrition and pain management, untreated infections and insufficient staffing.

You can consult a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at 8960 W Tropicana Ave Suite 300, Las Vegas, NV 89147 (702) 592-8899 if you know an elderly who needs legal help. A Las Vegas injury attorney has the specialization and years of experience to handle such sensitive cases. Our elderly must be cared for and respected, not treated like an animal.

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