Learning Guitar on the Yamaha FG700S

The Yamaha FG700S guitar is a great instrument to learn on when you’re first starting out.

It has a quality action (strings close to the fretboard) which makes it very easy to play. It’s made of quality materials and it comes in at well under $200.

This guitar won’t get left behind as your expertise improves. The FG700S is being played at live venues all over the country. Musicians have a lot of faith in this guitar.

When you’re first starting out to learn to play guitar the first priority is a great learning instrument. The second is how much you should practise.

We all have commitments, but you should try to put in at least 30 minutes of practise five times a week. Doing it in small chunks like this is a far better way to learn than doing one massive session a week.

The tips of your fingers are really going to hurt when you first start playing. This is natural and to be expected. After all they’re performing actions never asked of them before. And those strings are tough.

After a while callouses are going to form which will protect your fingers. To quicked this process you can spend a few minutes every session going through some practise material but hit down on the strings as hard as you can. This will also improve your finger strength and that can only help you further.

To extend your practise sessions you could just have your guitar in your lap when watching tv. Make the shape of the chords on the guitar neck; you don’t even have to play them. This will help muscle memory for those chords and will make playing them later a breeze.

Keep practising and make sure you have fun when learning. To help with this always fit in some tab work of your favourite songs, so you can see some progress each time you pick up the guitar. This will keep you motivated.

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