Using LED For Decorative Kitchen Lighting

It has been very well known for quite some considerable time now that one of the most effective yet most easy ways to inject interest into your kitchen (and also stamp your own personal taste on it) is by positioning decorations, ornaments and various eye-catching household objects in an open cupboard or one with glass doors.

The effect is of course greatly enhanced by introducing lighting. For any items that have reflective surfaces (so most types of metal, porcelain, enamel and glassware) then lighting significantly adds to the effect. The overall benefit is not just in showing off your more interesting possessions to their best effect, but also introducing additional decorative light sources into the kitchen.

Traditionally, lighting can be added to a cupboard by installing slim, surface mounted halogen spot lights. These are invariably powered by 10 or 20 watt miniature G4 capsules mounted in front of a reflector in order to direct the light in the same direction. These types of light fitting could be mounted either below a shelf (thereby creating a down light effect) or fixed pointing upwards onto a shelf. Determining which looks best is largely a matter of personal taste and of course depends on what is actually on the shelf.

However, anyone who has experience of this type of lighting is all to well aware just how incredibly hot it gets. For that reason it is absolutely imperative to never lets objects come into close proximity to the lamps so as to avoid heat damage or fire risk even. These days though there is a very straightforward alternative in the form of LED G4 capsules.

LED G4s are designed to replace existing halogen G4 capsules for two specific types of lighting application. Where all round light is required (e.g. where the lamp is expected to throw light in all directions) then there the pillar shaped LED G4 is the one to go for. This has miniature surface mounted devices (SMDs) covering four sides plus the top.

For a typical surface mounted cabinet light then the flat disc type of LED provides light equivalent to that of a standard reflector spot light. This also uses SMD type LEDs but with them all pointing in the same direction. Because the reflector obviously serves no purpose in LED light bulbs, you can reuse the same slim line fitting to hold the bulb but remove the reflector to make more room if required.

The most obvious advantage of LED G4 capsules is that they consume only one tenth as much electricity as regular halogen ones. So, for example, replacing the bulbs in a cupboard containing 10 x 20W capsules, could reduce the energy consumption from 200 watts right down to just 20 watts. The savings will be considerably more than enough money over the life span of the LEDs to pay for the investment cost many times over.

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