Litigation Support – An Essential Legal Sector

In the legal sector, litigation support services are highly respected. Made up of criminal research experts, litigation support workers help lawyers with cases before, during and after they have gone to court. Whilst some cases are easy to solve and they need no additional research, others require extensive investigation to determine the facts of the case. Litigation workers are there to research and take a lot of pressure off the lawyer.

In most cases, the litigation support is offered by an independent contractor – Somebody who has experience in the field and who works on a freelance basis. There are a few companies around that also offer litigation services, but typically independent contractors do tend to be more popular. Forensic accountants will often provide litigation support services to legal teams when they act as expert advisors or expert witnesses.

As every case is different, the duties performed by the litigation worker will vary. Sometimes simple research will need to be done. Other times the contractor may be required to give an expert opinion in court. For example, an IT forensic expert may be needed to talk about the findings on the accused party’s computer. Many times criminals will try to hide what they have done on their personal computer. An IT forensic expert will know whether files have been altered or deleted and that can be used as evidence in the courtroom.

If the case is lost, a lawyer may hire the litigation support worker to help them to create an appeal. In some cases an appeal cannot be put forward as there is no chance of fresh evidence being found. However, a litigation worker can help the lawyer to determine whether there could be something that was missed and whether that could be grounds for an appeal.

Overall most cases these days use the services of litigation support workers. There are many different types of support workers in the field and hen choosing one a lawyer will always look at how much experience the person has. After all, it is an important job and a lawyer wants the best possible litigation support workers that they can afford.

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