Love is never a waste

Person A: My brother spent a lot of money to fly overseas about 2 times to see his girlfriend.
Person B: Long distance relationships fail.
Person A: She came back with him and now they’re married.
Person B: At least they’re together now. If it didn’t work out, that would have been really stupid on his behalf.

This was a conversation I saw in a chat room the other day. I wanted to hit Person B over the head with a large mallet. How would that have been stupid? What happens when you go overseas to see someone? You get to see the person (duh) and spend some time with them.

Apparently, according to Person B, spending money to go see a person you love and spend time with them is really stupid unless the relationship “works out”. I guess what he really means is that it’s a waste of time and money unless the two people end up living together. But even if they don’t end up living together, they still got to see each other. They still have the experience of that, and the memories, and they got to know each other a bit better.

I can only conclude that Person B was not talking about unconditional love, and has probably never experienced it. The sad thing is that this kind of thinking is quite common, and generally encouraged. People think it’s “smart” to focus on what they can “get out of” a relationship, and if they aren’t “getting enough” then it’s a waste of time.

Don’t ever fall for this “logic”. It will do more to prevent you from experiencing unconditional love than it will ever do to help you find more of it.

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About The Meaning Of Love

I write about love because I have always been deeply bothered by society’s definitions of love and how most people talk about love, and everything they associate with it. I have given this topic years of thought, and always found it extremely hard to explain my thoughts in actual words. How do you explain something as abstract and unexplainable as love? Sometimes the topic comes up on forums and I always respond to people as best I can. At first I was terrible at getting my point across, but after enough attempts I actually started to make some sense to myself. Then one day I realized I had typed quite a lot, and I never seem to run out of steam on this topic, so why not write some full articles about it? Click my little picture on the left to see all my articles.

49 Replies to “Love is never a waste”

  1. thats right… love is to b felt… nd once sum1 feels it… nothing else matters for the rest of the life..

  2. love is not a waste of time..its only a waste when somebody treats time like its nothing but waste…

  3. i really like these posts. they seriously speakk to me. i appreciate you taking your time to write this, and please write more

  4. i agree…
    its gud to read sumthing i feel..
    bt dere r many less people to share dese kinda thots with..i hope ve can chat reply..

  5. very crctly said ….thr r very few ppl to share and even read all dis..its gud 2 c that ppl still feel in todays wrld.

  6. Love is only a waste to the ones that don’t feel it, or have never experienced it. But to thoughs who have experienced love, you know when you’ve fallen for him/her because it just hits you all of the sudden! And in that very moment nothing else matters but that feeling of loving someone and being loved in return because honestly that all everyone really wants. Truth is their just afraid to accept it.

  7. totally agreed,
    hab u ever been in love???
    i believe in love nd i think ur post jus made me believe in it more..
    keep it up dude!!

  8. i truly do agree with you and i do feel sorry for the ones that have not felt it b4..i like yor post please write more…diamond

  9. Love is never ending, it has to nurcherd. Yes I have love and lost and the experience was worth all we put into it. To keep love sometimes is hard you have to be willing to put the time into and expect nothing in return. Oh yes there can be lust and the meeting of two in that special moment experiencing each other what a wonderful feeling. Keep the spice in it don’t let it die for when the person passes you have the wonderful memories that will bring you to love again.

  10. love is giving all for those who loved.That means not only money,time and power but more than that you pay for love including your life also.If you love any one your happiness is his happiness not only must be together.LOVE 4 EVER

  11. For me though, this is the only thing that gives meaning to life.The darker side of it is lust and the brighter side is a sensational feeling with thoughts.

  12. love is to b felt fellows….nd jst 4 de record,,de spice never ends if it(love) is truly may b lost in btwn..but it catches up wid u jst in time…well,its a wonderfull feeling!!!!

  13. for the first time in my life I read something that brought pure joy in my heart… reading the passage and your comments has been bliss, which kinda sparked the “love” i have bt skeptic abt. Most people are afraid to love, so they’d rather not- hence resolving to lust, promiscuity etc. bt im not to judge! No 1 can ever hurt you without your concern. what you guys wrote weakens my knees, keep writting peeps, I’d love to hear what else you have to say on the subject matter…

  14. Love is not a waste of time,and its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved….but can you love again?

  15. Love is a medicine that overcome sadiness to create bliss of heart.Love is a death that catches the holder to forget every other things in life.Love is not a waste but the best investment on earth to all man kind.

  16. nice1.. This realy worth my time..
    Love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain.

  17. love is the best feeling on earth. its a divine feeling on this beautiful earth. If you someone to the core of your heart without having any motiv behind that feeling.
    even love the person even that person dont loves you. there a popular saying i hindi:-
    ” Kisi se pyar karo to is tarah karo apki mohabbat unke liye ek majburi na bane balki apka pyar unke liye jarurat ban jaye.” jiska matlab ye hai ki kisi insan ko itna pyar karo ki aap jisko pyar karte ho wo insan apke bina reh hi na paye. akele hone par bhi aapko unka sath hamesha mile.

  18. love never fails,l aagree wth u and thank u for ur time,to write all this and it real helped me so much in lifestyle.pliz write more.we are waiting to hear so much from u. God bless u!

  19. i don’t have a comment actually but i have a question about my own love!!
    well actually i love this person so very much and he love me back even more much more actually!!
    his love has been all his life for about 4 years now this love is everything for both of us and specially for him!!! he’s spending all his time thinking about me and about our love!! we both’re spending alot of time just thinking about our love because we are from different religions and we can never be thogether. we’ve met at work and we’ve been together for about 4 years, but as we are working at a bank we may get forced to move to any other branch any minute and the idea of being away from each other kill us from inside actually because if we’ve been moved we will never be able to meet again!!!
    and the other thing is that he’s worried about me as a girl living in the middle east such a story may effect my reputation and my relation with my family since they disagree with the whole idea so, he always feel like he should do something for my sake so he always thinks of leaving me thinking that this is the best thing he can do for me but i love him and i don’t want him to leave me!!!
    so i don’t know but can you help us pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!
    just tell us what shall we do please?!

  20. @DJ

    You use the words “forced” and “can’t” and “can never be together”… is this truly what you believe? You believe it is impossible? If that’s what you believe, that’s what will happen. If you truly want to be together and have the courage to allow yourself to believe in that, then you will find a way to be together, regardless of jobs, money, religion or whatever other people may think of you.

    But what do I know, I always see on the news about scary things happening in the middle east, maybe it really is more difficult over there. Maybe the two of you should move somewhere else. 🙂

  21. @DJ

    And the same goes for him also, if he will allow himself to believe it’s possible maybe he won’t feel like it’s necessary to leave you “for your own sake”.

  22. no actually all the scary things you see are far away from our country!!!
    i know that it’s possible if i chose him over my religion and my family!! but i can’t do that i love my family i can’t leave them i can’t live away from them!!! i didn’t even tell them about this relation because i know how much it’ll hurt them!!! i’m christian and i do believe in my religion i can’t give that up no matter what!!!
    can you see how hard is it now?!?!

  23. love is very precious thing which is given by god. god send us o earth to live happily and love to all. but today human categorize this in to differnt things and in this youth role is so muvh high.
    when we take the name of this Word “Love”. in youth mind, instatntly comes girlfriend love and other love. In mind, love of mother toward childs never came. but in reality this is only true love in ths world.
    Love is the unknowable. We can only realize this we cannot see this. When we love to anyone, there is possessiveness, dominance. From this possession, some negative things also raise in us for instance fear of loss, jealously and conflict.
    According to me love alone can transform instantly, confusion and strife. Nothing will give happiness to the human but love has potential to give this. In love there is no possessiveness, no envy, only in love mercy and beauty, order and peace.

  24. I am a woman, that have been trying to study love, I too been puzzeled about how people perceive love.To some people love is sex, to others it is getting what they want from other, some even think that love is jelousy or showing jelousy toward their mate, it is all kinds of thoughts that people have base on what they think love is.
    Love was a big topic for me, I too tried to explain what I thought love was to other and it was hard to get across. I know myself love is not sex, too me love is what Jesus did when he went to the cross and was resurrected. love is truth, love is deeper than color it is deeper than money love is deeper than how we all perceive it.

  25. I tink bein in luv is d best thing dat can hapen 2 anibody bt it can b really painful if u2 dont end up 2geda

  26. Will a person ever change? they say a lepord never changes its spots, is that true.

  27. Is gud 2 love,than neva 2 b loved.even though u misuse ur time 2 love someone who is distance apart.atlst u hav crab nd shared feelings u cnt cal it a waste.because love is educting.’the more u love some1 d more u learn 2b loved

  28. Love is timeless,if d both are marsure enough. There’s frnd of my who have a love 4 d very 1st time in his lyf at the age of 23, he spent time with on several time’s they where together 4 at least 2yrs along the way he was after sex the lady agreed, not after 4month he fall 4 her best frnd and there state going out together, am asking as a frnd is it advicesable 4 me to date her or not…response pls

  29. To me love is the greatest thing any human can experience in life.I believe in ove so much

  30. Love s intoxicating, sometime love waste time? Can anyone tell me its when you say now i’ve found my partner cause i dont think all girls i’ll fall in love with are all my partner. Please anyone could tell

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