You Might Need a Micro SD Adapter to Transfer Files from Your Phone to Your Computer

When you bought your computer, you may have made it a point to get one with an SD slot because you know your phone or camera also uses an SD card.  Then, when you went to go transfer your files, be they music, pics or videos, to your computer you can into a problem – the SD card from your phone is smaller than the slot in your computer.  This is because there are actually a few different sizes of SD cards available and most computers come with a standard SD slot, while most small personal gadgets use a micro SD card due to its exceptionally small size.  Now you could buy the proprietary cord that allows you to transfer your files form your specific model of phone to your computer, and will cost you $10-20, but a better option is to get a micro SD adapter.

This is a better option because it’s a universal device that will work with micro SD cards from all device and many devices use this type of memory.  Spending money on that cable is really a waste because you’ll only be able to use it on your phone or phones of that particular brand.  When looking at your adapter options, you’re going to find plenty of no name companies vying for your business.  Skip them and go with a Kingston micro sd adapter.  This company has been around forever, and is best known for their well-built removable memory devices.

If you’re looking for something even more universal, you might consider a usb micro sd adapter.  This is a device that accepts memory cards, and plugs right into your USB slot.  The great thing about this option is that you can get them with slots for every available memory device out there, and there are well over 20 in use these days.  A device like this that can transfer files for all of these memory cards is a very handy device to have on hand.

Whichever direction you choose, the slot adapter, or the USB adapter, the SD adapter is your best option.  Whatever you do, skip the over priced transfer cable sold by phone companies.

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