Back and Neck Strain in Guitarists

Back stress and neck pains are undoubtedly two of the most commonly experienced medical issues among guitarists and bass guitarists and indeed the wider world. Both are usually synonymous with strong and potentially incapacitating pain and misery for anyone who is misfortunate enough to be affected. It should also remembered that back stress and neck pain are usually indicative of other issues and in severe cases may even mean that the spinal area will always be a source of trouble and discomfort.
Heavy guitars like the Fender Telectaster and Gibson Les Paul are known to have precipitated the back problems of many of our favourite guitarists who after long years playing them often switch to lighter guitars for their stage performances.
It is possible for guitarists to alleviate potential bouts of back and neck strain by investing in a good guitar strap which feaures padding to lessen the pressure exerted on the back and shoulders. Leather guitar straps in particular often tend to perform best in this area as they are more substatntial than their webbing equivalents which tend to be thinner and will feel like they are cutting into the shoulders after extended periods of playing.

As soon as the first signs of pain appear it is a very good idea to research the experienced advice and professional expertise of a qualified chiropractor. The pain can be allayed to a bearable extent by treating it with the relevant equipment and employing the services of an expert massage therapist will also do wonders.

Anyone who has ever experienced either will tell you, back stress and neck pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and can make life a misery. You should do everything that is practical to limit the chances of it becoming a sufferer yourself. Make sure you reduce the risk by investing in a good, padded leather guitar strap.

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