A Profile of Treatments and Services Available From Spas

At a Massachusetts spa, a wide range of treatments and services are available. These non-medical procedures are designed to improve overall health, reduce stress and enhance beauty. Many resorts have in-house spas. In addition, there are destination spas (extended stay), day spas and beauty salons which provide these popular treatments.

The spectrum of typical services is very diverse. Treatments include body wraps, aromatherapy, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, skin exfoliation (chemical peels and microdermabrasion) and waxing. In addition, classes in meditation and yoga, as well as nutrition counseling are frequently offered.

Several types of bathing and soaking options are available. Among them are soothing saunas, mud baths, steam baths, peat pulp bath and hot tubs. Some facilities are located by hot springs. There are two forms of hot springs, Roman (thermae) and Japanese (onsen).

There are nearly a dozen classifications for these health centers. They include ayurvedic (alternative medical facilities featuring natural treatments and procedures), clubs (focus on physical fitness), dental (combines dental procedures with therapeutic treatments), cruise ships (focus on fitness, wellness, healthy cuisine) and day-use facilities. In addition, gardens (outdoor facilities for self-cleansing, bathing), medical (operated by healthcare professionals, incorporate alternative wellness therapies), mineral springs (thermal, mineral or seawater hydrotherapy treatments), mobile (services provided in homes, hotels, etc.) and resort (operated within resort complexes).

Destination spas provide comprehensive programs focused on lifestyle transformation. Clients usually check-in to these facilities for seven days. During that time, they are guided through wellness education, healthy cuisine and physical fitness classes, and special interest programs.

The Massachusetts spa continues a venerable tradition of providing health and wellness services. Since prehistoric times, people have traveled far for therapeutic treatments in hot and cold springs. Throughout the world, many people continue to believe their levels of wellness and spirituality can be enhanced through these treatments, which include bathing in specific wells, rivers or springs.

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