Some of the Pros of Affirmative Action

Whenever we encounter setbacks in our lives, we are sometimes comforted by the philosophy that life is unfair.  Indeed it is true.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time.  The tides have changed and so does the people, which mean that there are some actions that can be done to make life fair in some aspects in the society.

One of the initiatives being done is the affirmative action.  An affirmative action is a step taken by the government of other countries that aims to create equal rights and opportunities for all the minority groups.  It is hard to deny that discrimination of all kinds do exist in our modern world despite the evolution of technology.

Because of the seriousness of this is issue, debates and controversies have surrounded this program.  Not everyone was pleased with this policy, particularly those who belong in the upper crust of the society.  But there are pros of affirmative action that needs to be explore to better understand the enormity of this concept.

One of the pros of affirmative action is equality in the workplace that unrepresented people can now benefit irregardless of their status in life and races.  In addition, individuals belonging in the ethnic or minority groups can also enjoy the privileges in certain areas, like business and education, which in past were not possible.

Another advantage of this policy that is worth mentioning is that students from a minority community can gain acceptance to elite universities or via scholarship money.  Eventually, these students will graduate, and find a job.  With the help of affirmative action policies, these people will have a good quality of life, and earning higher income.  In the end, the nation would greatly benefit because poverty is lessen.

Moreover, the policies that affirmative action is promoting help even the playing field in almost all sectors in the society.  People of color, as well as, women have now the opportunity to compete in business and other endeavors.

In addition, affirmative action assists qualified people overcome sexism and racism.  Through this program, citizens are more racially aware, thereby, more equal opportunities are given to women and colored-people.  At the same time, it promotes different culture and diversity in workplace and in universities.

Also, certain stereotypes were broken with the aid of affirmative action.  Decades ago, blacks were considered lower than whites.  But because of this policy, blacks can equally compete with the whites in the field.

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