Reasons and Ways to Save on Energy Consumption

Many people are aware of the energy crisis our planet faces as demands continue to increase each year while our energy sources continue to deplete. Not only are we running low on fossil fuels, but they are harmful to our environment and health as well. Because of these problems, many have turned to alternative forms of energy to meet their energy needs. Alternative forms of energy are energy forms that are renewable, unlike fossil fuels. Some of these are solar power, wind energy, biomass, hydroelectric and geothermal.

There are many technologies that use these forms of energy which do help the government to conserve energy. However, most of them are too expensive for the average consumer or homeowner.

One of the best options is in solar energy. It offers the most affordable uses and the most applications as well. There are solar panels to provide electricity to your home, solar water heaters, outdoor solar lighting, solar powered grills, solar battery chargers and solar pool covers. A solar pool cover alone can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bill. They will reduce water loss through evaporation and cut down on chemical usage all while maintaining a water temperature of around 10 – 15 degrees warmer than your pool without the use of your cover.

If going solar is not an option for you right now, consider a few tips that can help you see immediate savings without the upfront cost of installing solar panels.

Be sure to keep any outdoor air conditioning units in the shade. This can allow you to see a 10% savings in energy consumption from your unit.

At least once a year you should clean out your air conditioners evaporator coils. You will see more energy savings, cleaner air and a better life expectancy of your unit with clean coils. The inside coils though, need to be cleaned and maintained by a professional.

Keep your thermostat set at a higher temperature. During summer months it should be around 78 and winter months at 68. Each degree added will increase your energy consumption by 6 – 8%.

Use as many energy efficient light bulbs as possible and use high efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps too.

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