Slamm Scooters Bearing Fix

Slamm Scooters Outbreak ll Assembly Issue

At the end of June, Slamm scooters sent out a product warning concerning the Slamm scooters Outbreak ll model. Below is the original information from Slamm Scooters and a guide to fix it yourself.

“Hey Guys we wanted to give you a heads up about an issue with the new batch of Slamm Outbreak II scooters! It seems that our factory were spending too much time making sure the new upgrades on Outbreak II looked good that they somehow managed to put the lower headset bearing in upside down!!!

Whilst your still able to ride like this, its not right and it will make your bar spins slow and clunky. We want to make sure you get 100% from your Slamm scooters and really appreciate your help sorting this issue but if you have any questions or need some help get in touch via the contact page and we’ll get straight back to you!

REMEMBER: This only affects the NEW OUTBREAK II Green/White and Blue/Purple!

To see a picture guide, check out our Slamm Scooters step by step guide , or read the instructions below, giving you detailed instructions as well as the pitfalls to watch out for!”

As you can see, this is an easy fix and can be done at home in about 10 minutes with the proper tools.

Kudos to Slamm scooters for their quick response to address this issue! In my opinion, service like this is what makes Slamm Scooters the leader in the pro scooter industry. Not only does Slamm scooters produce awesome factory scooters, but their custom scooters are SICK! Check out Slamm scooters if you are looking for the best in pro scooter equipment.

1) Your lower bearing is upside down causing the lower headset seal to protrude about 2-3 mm
2) To fix this, loosen off the top locking nut and completely remove from the forks.
3) Do the same with top cup nut.. BE CAREFUL, not to damage or lose the bearings inside!!!
4) Now slide the forks out and completely remove them from the head tube.
5) The bearing race is meant to be at the top…
6) Slide the bearing unit off of the forks, flip it over and slide it back down the fork tube.
7) Slide the forks back into the head tube, careful not to damage the bearings!
8) Screw the top cup nut and locking nut back on.
9) Adjust until the headset is tight, but ensuring it is still able to spin. Note the bottom seal is almost flush.

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