Socializing your new puppy

The last thing you want your new puppy to turn into is a worried adult with separation anxiety, no matter how cute you think his devotion is. Even if you don’t want him to be extra friendly, it is still a good idea to have him used to other people, for should you need to leave him somewhere while you are away friends are always happy to babysit an easy going dog, giving you (and him!) a low stress  alternative to kennels.
Before you even go searching for personalized dog collars to take him out in, talk to your vet about all the necessary shots and precautions you need to take, so that there is no chance of him getting sick. Once you have the ok, the best place to start is puppy kindy. Most vet clinics will run these and if they don’t can usually recommend on where to go. Here he will meet other puppies his own age, some smaller, some bigger but it’s a great place to ensure he becomes well socialized with other dogs, especially if you’re planning on taking him to an off leash pet park!
A great place for your new pup to learn about human interaction is either a shopping centre or a park, nearly everyone will stop to say hello to a puppy. A timid dog, is a liability, so even a guard dog should be happy to meet people, for a guard dog is exactly that, guard, not an attack animal. If you have bought a dog, say a german shepherd, to guard your place then good training is essential. A german shepherd obedience training club or a similar club is something to look for in your area. Having a wild dog in your backyard that chases anything that moves is a recipe for disaster.
Socializing your new puppy is not only good for him, he learns that the world out there is not such a bad place, but is also good for your peace of mind, it is not a nice feeling going away on holidays wondering if your dog is going to eat or not because he is only used to you, and should you have friends over you can relax knowing your dog is happy to have new people around him.

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