Space Efficiency in Refrigerators: Does Bigger Mean Better?

There are many factors that affect your choice when it comes to refrigerators. Apart from types, brands and installation options, the wide range of refrigerator sizes is also a crucial element to take into account. Most refrigerator models, especially from mass-market brands are designed in a standard refrigerator size that can cater to a family of four, which is an average family size.

But not everyone finds the standard size of refrigerator model fit for their limited spaced areas nor do some think that a standard refrigerator model can deal with their bigger demands for storage capacity. This means that the refrigerator size, heavily affected with storage concerns, should eventually be attuned to the availability of space to where it’s intended to be installed or put. Space efficiency, in the context of refrigerator installation, is attributed to the proper optimization of space in a living area. The fridge should not be too small or too big – it should be just right, if not perfect.

Is the idea ‘bigger means better’ universally applicable to refrigerators? While it is true that bigger refrigerator models hold the most number of integrated cooling features and functions aside from the magnanimous storage capacity, there are still instances in which smaller models of refrigerator cheap and expensive models are much more favored. This is very true in small scale living spaces like apartments, condo units and even in office spaces.

Contrary to what other people may think, smaller refrigerators (or refrigerators that are made to be mobile and portable, and thus “downsized” to fit into a smaller setting) are actually well equipped than you would expect. Undercounter fridges – which are considered to be well spruced up downsized refrigerators – are still endowed with optimum refrigerator features and enhanced with storage features that optimize interior space. They are space-savers and they defy the notion that bigger fridges are always better.

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