Need For Speed World: Boost Hack, Trainer, Cheats – They’re all Scams!

I’m sure you’ve seen people in the chat channels in NFS world announcing that they’re using some hack which is working really well for them. They’ll often say things like “Hey, (insert person name here) thanks for telling me to go to – that boost hack really works!” or “I’m using the BOOST hack at and I now finally have my BMW M3″, or some other randomized comment that makes it look like it’s an actual person saying it.

They are liars. Dirty, filthy liars. You see, when you visit these sites they’re advertising, you end up going to some survey site which insists that you fill in a survey before they will give you the hack. Here’s the thing: If you’re in the wrong country, like I am, you can’t complete a survey, and can’t get the download link at all.

That’s not even considering the fact that the download link that they have listed there goes to an old version which is just some stupid program with some buttons that make it look like it does something, when it actually does nothing at all. There are no working Need For Speed World hacks, trainers or cheats. Every single one I’ve found is a scam or fake in some way.

I’m publishing this here in the hopes that people will find it while searching for NFS World hacks and cheats, and hopefully I can save them the time and effort that I wasted on trying to get a trainer download link that actually works, and that isn’t a bunch of lies.

If you’ve found a NFS World BOOST hack that’s actually genuine and works, feel free to report it in the comments below. But I’ll be willing to bet the only people who will respond are scammers trying to make a few bucks off some poor sap that filled in a retarded survey, only to get a fake download at the end (if they even got anything at all).

And before you decide to call me a filthy cheater wannabe, consider that EA has deliberately only given people 3 car slots they can use, and no easy way to test out a car before you spend ingame cash on it to buy it. So I wanted to use the boost hack to be able to try out the rental cars so I can check their performance to help me decide which car to get. This is something EA wants you to pay real actual money on, which I think is just really dishonest and lame. So I thought it’d be cool to use the trainers or hacks on a new account and test out all the cars, and document their performance to help other people decide which car to get.

By the way, here is an incomplete list of NFS World Car Performance comparison that people have compiled by buying and testing cars. It would be a lot better if there was an easier way to get access to all the cars though, which is where the hacks would have come in handy. Alas, they don’t seem to exist though.

If you want an online racing game that is more fair and actually fun to play, have a look at Test Drive Unlimited 2. Sure, it’s not free and it also has a few bugs, but it’s waaaay better than NFSW. (Note: if the handling in TDU2 feels strange to you, there are different “driving aid” options you can change. Play with that till you find something that suits you. The handling will seem a bit weird if you’re used to the handling in the NFS games).

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