Need For Speed World: Boost Hack, Trainer, Cheats – They’re all Scams!

I’m sure you’ve seen people in the chat channels in NFS world announcing that they’re using some hack which is working really well for them. They’ll often say things like “Hey, (insert person name here) thanks for telling me to go to – that boost hack really works!” or “I’m using the BOOST hack at and I now finally have my BMW M3”, or some other randomized comment that makes it look like it’s an actual person saying it.

They are liars. Dirty, filthy liars. You see, when you visit these sites they’re advertising, you end up going to some survey site which insists that you fill in a survey before they will give you the hack. Here’s the thing: If you’re in the wrong country, like I am, you can’t complete a survey, and can’t get the download link at all.

That’s not even considering the fact that the download link that they have listed there goes to an old version which is just some stupid program with some buttons that make it look like it does something, when it actually does nothing at all. There are no working Need For Speed World hacks, trainers or cheats. Every single one I’ve found is a scam or fake in some way.

I’m publishing this here in the hopes that people will find it while searching for NFS World hacks and cheats, and hopefully I can save them the time and effort that I wasted on trying to get a trainer download link that actually works, and that isn’t a bunch of lies.

If you’ve found a NFS World BOOST hack that’s actually genuine and works, feel free to report it in the comments below. But I’ll be willing to bet the only people who will respond are scammers trying to make a few bucks off some poor sap that filled in a retarded survey, only to get a fake download at the end (if they even got anything at all).

And before you decide to call me a filthy cheater wannabe, consider that EA has deliberately only given people 3 car slots they can use, and no easy way to test out a car before you spend ingame cash on it to buy it. So I wanted to use the boost hack to be able to try out the rental cars so I can check their performance to help me decide which car to get. This is something EA wants you to pay real actual money on, which I think is just really dishonest and lame. So I thought it’d be cool to use the trainers or hacks on a new account and test out all the cars, and document their performance to help other people decide which car to get.

By the way, here is an incomplete list of NFS World Car Performance comparison that people have compiled by buying and testing cars. It would be a lot better if there was an easier way to get access to all the cars though, which is where the hacks would have come in handy. Alas, they don’t seem to exist though.

If you want an online racing game that is more fair and actually fun to play, have a look at Test Drive Unlimited 2. Sure, it’s not free and it also has a few bugs, but it’s waaaay better than NFSW. (Note: if the handling in TDU2 feels strange to you, there are different “driving aid” options you can change. Play with that till you find something that suits you. The handling will seem a bit weird if you’re used to the handling in the NFS games).

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94 Replies to “Need For Speed World: Boost Hack, Trainer, Cheats – They’re all Scams!”

  1. There is ONE hack I’ve found that actually works, but it won’t give you money or boost points or whatever. It will just max out your stats during pursuits. So you can hit a cop car and then push a button and you get stats like 500 cops disabled, 200 spike strips dodged, all that stuff maxed. Useful when used in combination with the bus station exploit. So you just sit there for 5-8 minutes at a time and get max rep and cash every time. Damn boring, but at least you don’t have to actually do anything. lol.

    Here is the link:

    I’ve tested it and it WORKS on the latest version (6 Nov 2010).

    I think it’s impossible to make hacks for money and boost because all that stuff is checked server-side. MAYBE it can be possible to hack it using packet sniffers and editors, but I can’t find any info on that yet.

  2. Oh yeah, and in case you don’t know how to do the bus station exploit – the secret hint is BACKSPACE. 🙂

    You reset your car to get to the platforms where the cops can’t get to you.

  3. I completely aggre with you, i live in Australia and i cant download it because it doesn’t unlock or it says there are no surveys for your country. and the fact that you are the only person that will understand me, i thank you for saving my time and alot of download power 🙂

  4. I wanted a Boost Hack also 🙁 I fell for the stupid survey scam. Got some stupid program. Didn’t work.

    I’m upset at EA for not including a way to test out a car before buying it. I think this is a rather lame way to try to persuade people into giving them money, which is why it would have been nice if there were some working hacks to allow people to test out cars without spending any real money on them. Unfortunately that isn’t the case, and the spammers are preying on the high demand for hacks in order to make money. They’re even more lame than EA.

  5. I’ve downloaded the hack,but it doesn’t work.can u explain better how to use?and explain also the “the bus station exploit” please.Thank you

  6. thanks,but please tell me how you use it…I press the buttons (F1,F2 etc) but nothing happends.thank you

  7. lol…. guys, I’ve actually quit playing NFS World… ever since Version 5 they’ve just completely ruined it for me. I doubt that hack I posted earlier will still work on the new one.

    The game is just retarded now. You have to spend money to repair your car after every few races… oh and just driving in the race is enough to damage your car – crashing into stuff makes NO difference at all. If you’re gonna add a feature to add ‘realism’ at least make it have some kind of a purpose.

    I now can’t buy parts to upgrade my car with anymore – I have to do lots of multiplayer races, finish first every time, and hope and pray I get the right upgrade part at the end if I’m really lucky. So now only people who come first a lot will be able to get upgrades AT ALL. If you race against people who were lucky enough to buy their upgrades BEFORE version 5 came out, you’re screwed. They have upgrades that you CANNOT BUY. AT ALL.

    STILL no option to change controls or customize graphics settings.

    They messed up pursuits completely – the heat level display is bugged and doesn’t show your real heat level, and there’s just rhinos and spike strips literally EVERYWHERE now.

    They fixed the bus station exploit – so you can’t even park to do pursuits. So why they added so many more rhinos and spike strips is beyond me. I’m guessing it was an accident because they’re a bunch of incompetent IDIOTS. And now they don’t seem to be able to figure out how to fix it again.

    They probably don’t know HOW to add the ability to change your controls or customize graphics settings, because if they did it would have taken them probably 10 minutes to implement. It’s a damn miracle the game even runs at all and doesn’t crash all the tim… oh wait, it does.

    Seriously, screw this, I’m gonna play REAL games for a while until they learn how to code. It’s such a shame EA Black Box are a bunch of morons, because this COULD have been a really cool game if they weren’t so good at ruining everything.

    EA Games: Ruin Everything.

  8. Yeah:
    I tried to use this hack with the Version 5 and…. no.
    It didn’t work.
    Looks like those who don’t wanna (or can’t) pay to play a “FREE ON-LINE GAME” are f***ed out.
    And one more thing: i agree completely with Jack S. EA has messed up with the entire game.
    I tinhg i’m gonna stop playing too.

  9. 100% True, I totally agree with this page. This game was so nice to play but with days passing out this game turned out to be a war, and now it has changed from racing to ramming and the EA must be ashamed for increasing the prices just now EA has increased the price of “Corvette”. after every race the cars performance goes sliding down until it is repaired, and also the start-up counting it has become so bad.
    The prices of Cars are too high as compared with the winning price which is disgusting. EA should make some changes or there will b no racers…

  10. What you guys don’t know that there are working hacks, and the most important thing which you don’t even know that there are 3 WORKING HACKS, Ofcourse you’re now excited and want to know where to download them, how to use them, bla bla bla…

    Well, all what you know about these three working hacks only that one which Jack S posted… But what you don’t know that there is a working Team Escape hack, and effective glitches about how to level up in Need for Speed World faster like average of 2,000 REP and over 3,000 CASH, Uh… and with the link which Jack S posted (of the hack) you can get up to 4,000 REP and over 8,000 CASH!!

    Well, I am pretty sure you’re now fully ignited and you want to get to access these exclusive tools! Well, i wont make it more longer than that… all you’ve got to do is just go to this forum (It is mine):

    Here is a list of the working hacks.. It has three working hacks, from them:
    Team Escape Hack
    Cop Hack v2.9
    Cop Hack v2.8

    They’re only exclusively found at my site only, Don’t miss to use them as they will be patched sooner or later once there is a new patch coming out from EA/BB

    They’re all working by today (9/1/2010)
    Oh yeah, don’t worry, There are also working glitches which will be posted sooner or later, But they’re kept in secret for few days or maybe weeks, But i can tell you a snap of it….. A glitch which lets you change your acceleration, top speed, and handling of your car which lets your car go up to 500 MPH, Hah! Well, that’s enough for you to hear, Go ahead and register at my site and access the most exclusive content!

    Have fun!!!!


  11. Fantastic article… ill post this link in the shitty Share a Motto space the game provides.. Hope it makes a difference. Completely agree with Jack S. The game is ruined!

  12. y dunt u just play da game with da game rules ?, y do u want every thing to be so easy ? play n win with ur skills dun miss up da game with hacks :S

  13. Moi aussi je suis tomber dans le piège des hacks qui ne fonctionne pas et EA aurait pu mettre les essai de voiture et garder les location mais les essaie serais gratuit.

  14. you know what this is the first time i went on a hunt for a hack because at the beggining of the game when there was no parts upgrade and any way of making your car go faster than normal i use to rule my average finishing place was 1.21 !! now after they added all that sjit my average finishing place is over 3.50. its umbeliavable the way some peolpe could just race straight past me and make ne look as if i braked when i didn’t it really is dissapointing to see how this thing got ruined from being such an amazing game way back at the closed beta i really dont think that EA knows what a FREE game is and its really disapointing 🙁

  15. On a related note, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a million bajillion trillion times better than NFSW… not free, and not completely bug free either, but at least it’s actually FUN! 🙂

  16. since the day i got nfs world its been messin up 4 some reseon it keeps on frezzing and i been try to get boost hacks so does any1 know ho 2 get boost hacks cuz im stuck

  17. Totally agree with Jack S, the game actually still ruined (And I have almost 1 week playing lol). Police came from non-where, a LOT of Roadblocks and Spike Strips and the price of the car still TOO HIGH (M3 BMW = 1.600.000 w00t)

    Plus, the game maybe come from Drift City of ijji servers. Sounds, moves and options are same.

  18. You are right dear……… this game is filled with shit…. lairs everywhere………
    i m completely agree with u………..

  19. too heat out there…….police everywhere. . . . . . . . you even cant imagine how many polices cars out there……bullshit man……damn…… Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 is the best Need For Speed series….. Crazy EA sport.. Never did a job correctly….. thats there motto…….. however have fun guys

  20. I agree. EA is a well-known gaming company, with almost (or over, i dunno) 900 titles in video games. Thats alot! They realize that they can charge ridiculous amounts of money for some lousy in-game credits. For example, In BF:H (Battlefield Heroes), you get 1400 “Battlefunds” for US $10.00. The “tier 3 guns” or the SVD, M95, etc. are 1120 battlefunds. Thats almost 10 dollars for 1 VIRTUAL gun. YOU DONT EVEN GET ANYTHING!

    As with this, i have been playing for a day now, and i have numerous cases of “go to for free speedboost!!” I know these are all hacks and scams, and many of them will probably leave a virus on your computer.

    With that said, I also have to disagree with you.

    This game was meant to be played the right way: without hacks or cheats. Now i can see what your saying; rent a car to see if it is good and so on. But, why get a hack? It defeats the purpose of the game. The point is to rank your way up to the top; from there you can buy your super-car. Why risk spam and even a virus, just on a game that you got to have fun on?

    In conclusion, i do think EA is ripping people off. But, i dont think getting speedboost in any non-legitimate way is absurd. As I said, renting a car would be better, but buying it…not so much. I hope this helps or brings some sense to your post.


  21. I have been playing the game for about 3 weeks now, and the way these people ram all the time drives me mad, I am blocking drivers left right and centre, they should make a demolition derby for these childish brats, the thing is when you see how they do, it is purposefully done, they wait for the moment and then push you into a wall, or block your short cut, and I think they get a good laugh out of it. But I am fast becoming sick of this.
    I dont think there is anything EA could do about this though, we all just got to keep blocking and reporting these people.

  22. I have been playing bout 2 weeks now and i have noticed all of this. The pursuit system sucks cuz cops pop out of nowhere and there are WAY to many roadblocks. The Rhinos are way to easy to get around as well. These stupid immature people that have to cheat or ram you off the track just to win sickens me. Lastly its about every 5 mins i am noticing on the chat board somebody that is sayin go to such and such a website and get a free boost hack which many people seem to fall for. EA may have ruined this game but they have had alot of help from the idiot people that cheat and advertise as well.

  23. Hey thanks man, I live in India and when a friend recommended me a site while i was playin world, I immediately left the game to only find out that site’s a pure shit of holy crap. Hey thanks man, you saved me some download speed 😀

  24. Looks like it’ll take a while to get my corvette now but wasting my time on hacks is even worse.

  25. there is such thing as a working trainer…i used it before, it had stuff like, change your car into something else, eg , Lamborghini , it works exactly how the lamborghini works, but to other users it was just ur normal car…

  26. Neoroify, what the?? i already had cheat enginge…… an i download the whole thing.. you could have ost the image alone!

  27. olha cara eu sou uma pessoa real mais tenho uma duvida vc pode provar sua teoria ?

  28. I think the most retarded thing is the fact that when you race you get barely any money at all, and all of the cars you should be able to get pretty easily, cost like 400,000 dollars in the game, when the most you get in a race is like 1,500 IF you are LUCKY.

  29. Hello! Y found a hack “Tank mode” which is usefull in team escape. Here is how it works : when you pres F1 button your car become a “tank” meaning you can ram police cars , SUV and other model. And there is another usefull hack which disables police spikes sau you don’t have to worry about them. For more info contat me on my e-mail…

  30. I’ve been playing this game for a week now. I spent money on speed boost and bought a viper and used the card packs to get some ballin’ parts, but everytime i enter a race i end up having some kid with a speed hack or some other hack speeding past me in a a car with stats that are all in the 200’s – 300’s range where as my viper stats are all in the upper 600’s. it’s ridiculous, it doesn’t make sense, and it ruins the experience. i have been reporting these peopl though, it’s real easy, you right clik on their name, click on “report player” and then select “cheat” in the drop down menu for the reason you are reporting them. hopefully if enough people do this than we can hopefully take care of the problem

  31. I will not use hacks or cheats if you want a bull shit game go play pirate galaxy…it’s a joke their bugs won’t even let me load the login screen and even if I did there was an account bug that wouldn’t let me log in… The game used to be the best then they fucked it up… NFSW is a MILLION times better

  32. the hacks say that it will take 24-48 hrs,but they dont work!i ned some urgent help.

  33. well looks like all the people at EA can go f^ck themselves ……… Unless they bring out something as good as UNDERGROUND2 .

  34. The hack is an absolute scam i agree wit everyone. i tried it. Damn EA Damn NFSW! Damn Criterion aswell!

  35. i agree with everyone thier is no hacks for needforspeedworldonline i looked everywhere and downloaded tryed nothing aswell..

  36. It is fair! I compleated the survey but I filled it in with fake infomation! And to my suprise it it actually works. I got the download and everything. I just need to know how to use it :S

  37. these cheats and hacks occasionally work but require a shitload of effort and in the end your account gets banned you can trust me on this because I had to start again after having nearly 1000 races in this game and it took me long long time I got banned after they did a search on players and found me using it so yeah you might get lucky and do the crappy survey but you risk losing your account


  38. The big problem is that fucking p12s are ramming your car so u get last place and then ppl who have cars who is far more slow than my own just get past me,and EA sucks at doing games, i remember how good NFS underground,1 and 2 was,and now they just making boring “reality racing´´ wich is not good,bc i have always loved the illegal racing with pursuits (not too hard) and styling your car but now…they just are idiots.

  39. NO ID you can go suck yourself off because that site I tested and it’s a bunch of wadded undies. I tested almost every hack/cheat out there and none of them work. Well the wall hack’s and Tank hacks do….

  40. Ok guys, stop searching for programs that just has those fancy buttons, those would just get your account in trouble, ill share something underground but i hope it will change the way you think how to hack a server sided data, its not as easy as memory editing the client.
    Client Boost:99999
    Visible Boost:99999
    Server Boost:0

    You see, even how you change the client data, the final data would come from the Server.

    So how do you change the server data??
    Actually its almost impossible to edit the server data. So what you would want to do is to put something in the middle to change the intersecting data from the Server to your client, its like making your own data and feeding it to your client.

    I would leave the rest to you to discover how to do this.
    (This is the best way to hack any server sided data, but some online games specially MU online check account for any data that have not been sent by the server and those data are erased, including your account)
    If you know how to do this hack, please don’t abuse it.


  42. About messing with the game, playing it the way it was meant to be played etc…

    You know what guys? I don’t care about the amount of effort and skill a game needs in order to level up/get a better car. Actually, I’d love a real challenge in that department. But when I found out that no matter what I do, how much I play, and how good I become at driving, I still won’t be able to get the car I want (or any good car for that matter) unless I PAY an insane amount of money for what is supposed to be a FREE game I lost all motivation to play.

    Believe me, if I found out that in order to get an Evora I had to pay 2 000 000 IN-GAME money, I’d be happy to just keep training and racing until I got the money in a fair way, without cheating, the way it’s “meant to be played”. But paying real money for a car, and playing a game that virtually doesn’t reward you in any way for PLAYING, just for PAYING, is not fun at all.

    That’s why if I ever get my hands on a boost hack, I’ll use it immediately, although I really WANT a game that will require a lot of effort to get the car I want.

  43. Red rope game. Boost is not fair, you pay for the game so why do you have to pay for boost its stupid.

  44. you know if it works or not if they let see
    it working
    and 99/100 has a trojanhorse virus
    unless you got a good viruscanner you can test all
    if you have not you pc will be killed by virusses

  45. 8DXY-JWWC-VNJL-2REM press this to get free 750 speed boosts do this before the end of December

  46. there is a trainer which actually works and has turbo, tank mode, wall hack, u name it!!!


  47. Hackers and script kiddies are ruining the game for all of us. If you don’t want to spend money, don’t. If you don’t like the game as presented, don’t play it. EA seems to give no sh1ts about hackers but many honest players who are working within the system to enjoy the game are hating what you people and the makers of the hacks are doing. quit it.

  48. i didn’t find any hacks but i did find a trainer after hours of searching, that you can change your car

  49. Boost คือรอะ แล้วปเอาไหนมา อะ แยากแต่ ถ้าเติมเงิน เติม ยัง บัตร อะไร???

  50. Boost คืออะไรแล้วไปเอาไหนมาอะอยากแต่งรถอะถ้าเติมเงินเติมยังไงแล้วใช้บัตรอะไร?

  51. well if u find a site that says chick here then click and if the download come close it and click it again then when download is finish just open and see what happens if nothing happens close and click it again and if it does`nt work delete it =D

  52. I don’t need hacks because at level 33…I already get over 3,000 rep and 4,000 cash. I have 4 cars…all of which can go over 170mph. One can go 217mph. Friend me…my name is JTGRAYER.

  53. i just started nfsw and ive noticed all the cars prices are insanely high and most of everything costs speedboost any trainers or tips?

  54. Seriously??? You guys are talking about not playing NFSW cause you don’t want to pay extra money, then say your going to play a game that you have to pay to play???? Read what you write!!!! For those of you posted anything close to what I just wrote about… You’re morons! As for anyone else. NFSW offers MOST of their cars for in-game money. They are just the same car with no vinyls and no parts. I stopped a person from buying a 350Z with boost and told them to buy it with in-game money cause they could use that money to make the car better then what it would be with the boost they would’ve purchased it with………. point being the game is still free. With any game if you want the best of the best your gonna have to pay. Try playing WOW and see long you can play without paying any money…. Good luck with that.

  55. NFSW sucks cock. Cars are stupid expensive, I’d have to drop out of fucking college to buy a Tier 3 car.. The gameplay is shit.. EA is amazing at ruining good concepts, this should have been great but EA fucked it.

  56. I can’t even begin to wonder how you people think…. Your all complaining about a HACK of all things don’t work in a game..A hack makes it so you don’t have to have talent or skill at all and makes it way to boring even playing a game.. I love racing in games and enjoy the hell out of a clean race… I normally don’t race in multiplayer public races do to hackers like yourselves. I have a clan of gamers that also play this game… way too fun when just racing against people that don’t crash you into walls or have speed hacks.. Jack S is full of shit.. a T1 car that speeds past a T3 carbon addition and the T1 is not even maxed with good stats or parts….that is a working hack… Try having real fun with the game people… STOP HACKING RACE FOR REAL NO CRASHING PEOPLE INTO WALLS OR SPEED HACKS… EARN THE RIGHT TO SAY YOU ARE A BETTER DRIVER WITH REAL SKILLS, NOT HACKS AND CRASHING PEOPLE!!!! GROW UP!!!

  57. for those who think this game is something original,that so amazing beta was ME yes ME Need for Speed Most Wanted(NFSMW) yes me the best car racing game ever made these updates just made me worst and now you call me Need for Speed Whatever (NFSW)

  58. Ok peeps, I have read this entire forum and I have to say that you all speak words that ring true… lets have a tally shall we:

    fact: 99.999% of so called hack or trainers will either infect your pc or do nothing at all.

    solution: dont bother with them.

    fact: the really good cars require speed boost to get. Speed boost requires real money.

    Solution: work with what you can get using in game cash. (I know for a fact that you can get a Lamborghini Gallardo for around 1.4 million in game cash.)

    fact: A lot of people pay real money for these cars. (I have only seen 2 cases of this personally both times the car was the Pagani Zonda F1.)

    Solution: these players will typically not race, they only want you to SEE their cars.

    fact: There are players who can only win by using demolition derby style tactics.

    Solution: learn who they are and learn to avoid them. learn to counter-steer. (A good tactic I use is to keep a small notebook with a pen handy on my desk. When i encounter a player like this I write down the name and look for them each race.)

    And lastly, for those of you who, like myself, are hard headed enough to continue to play, I offer this strategy, which may be as useful to you as it is to me…

    Find a buddy to play with that you can communicate with via voice. start a pair of cars at the same time and group up.

    using the group invite you can do races and win the lucky draw cards. The money will not be as good if it is just 2 players; however, by doing this you are guaranteed 1 gold and 1 silver card every two races. So if you and your buddy race, you win first and get the gold, next race he wins and you get silver.

    I have done this with my son and in the space of 2 days we have gone from lvl 1 to lvl 13 with stacked nissan 200sx(s14) and parts to begin customizing our new dodge charger srt8 super bees.

    If any of you in this forum are interested, you can add me or send me a friend request. my in-game tags are: CTAB2AD; Bamaboy71; and DOINEEDANAME.

    I will be happy to help you out if I can or just be able to provide an HONEST race with no dirty tricks or tactics.

    I hope this post has helped to let you all know there are honest players still out there and I hope to see you all on the streets of NFSW. It may not be the bset game going but it will do til something better comes along.

    See ya on the streets.

  59. Just go on look up hacks, i got one that looks as if it could work i just need to know how to use it, it gives you nfs world hack, boost hack, trainer and packcrack

  60. really good, now i am the great scientist dr. jackal. i am gonna destroy the entire world soooooooo, get ready for your death you people!!!

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