The Four Steps Involved In Hand Scraping Your Hardwood Floors

Knowing everything that you can before you begin a hand scraped hardwood flooring project is certainly important; however, do not overlook the importance of the hand scraping knowledge.  Knowing the overall project is great, but there is a specific technique that goes into the scraping of your beautiful floor that you need to follow in order to achieve the desired results.  What is hand scraped hardwood flooring?  There are four steps involved in hand scraping your floors and they are as follows.

  • Once your floor is laid, work in four by four sections
  • Dampen your section before you begin to scrape your hand scraped hardwood flooring
  • Using the correct tool, bear down with your left hand using the perfect amount of pressure to achieve the desired depth
  • Sweep up your shavings and sand the rough out of your floor

Working on your hardwood floor in four foot squared sections will allow you to methodically hand scrape your floor and prevent you from missing any area.  After you have been doing this for an hour or so, you will appreciate the sections as your grooves will seem to run together.  Your hand scraped hardwood flooring will turn out perfect with no missed areas if you do your work in sections.

One tip, picked up from a website found by looking through hand scraped and unfinished hardwood flooring reviews is to dampen the section that you are working on.  It is much easier to see the grooves that you have already created and also helps to avoid missing any areas as you go.

The perfect tool is a steel scraper with a four-inch edge that has ridges or teeth on the end.  It should have a strong handle that is long enough to allow you to bear down weight upon it.  There are some websites that have hand scraped hardwood flooring wholesale that will sell scrapers and you can also get then from flooring stores and websites.

Once you have scraped your entire floor by hand, you will need to sweep your hand scraped hardwood flooring to rid it of all debris.  You will sweep it again once you have sanded the floor down to rid it of splinters and rough spots.  It is important to sweep your hand scraped hardwood flooring thoroughly to avoid debris being caught up in your staining brush or trapped by the polyurethane.  If you follow these four steps, you will find beautiful hand scraped hardwood flooring waiting for you at the end of your journey.

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