Store Motorcycles in Cycle Shelters

Motorcycle owners are very particular in how their cycles are stored. In fact, some of them go so far as to purchase a separate storage unit just for their motorcycle. When you think about how much some motorcycles can cost, this particularity does not seem that far-fetched. If you happen to be someone who has a motorcycle, but does not have enough room in the garage to store it properly, consider using a cycle shelter.

A cycle shelter is a type of storage unit which completely enclosed your precious motorcycle in a protective “cocoon”. Some have metal frames, while others are simply a piece of zippered plastic. Using a cycle shelter is quite easy. First, you need to set the shelter in the desired storage location. These shelters are strong enough to be set on just about any surface, including outdoor locations.

The next step is to make sure the shelter is oriented properly. The flat base should be set on the ground. Then, simply drive or push your motorcycle onto the pad and park it. Shelters which have a metal accordion frame are pulled over the top of the cycle and zippered shut. Fabric-only shelters are simply pulled over the top. Framed cycle shelters have an advantage in that they frame never touches the cycle. It creates a suspended “tent” over the vehicle. Nonetheless, the interior side of all cycle shelters is made of very soft material which is designed to never scratch your baby.

Most shelters can be locked up for added protection. Once sealed, no dirt or moisture will be able to reach the vehicle. It will never be scuffed by an opened car door or falling garage tool. Whether stored in the garage or out in the backyard, your motorcycle will retain the pristine quality it had when it was pulled off the lot.

You can use a cycle shelter for a lot more than motorcycles. They are large enough to store your 50cc moped, bicycles, scooters and more.

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