Know When It’s Time to Mow

Keeping a green garden is not an easy task; it takes a lot of time to maintain the grass evenly by mowing regularly. Especially in hot states of America like Texas, the Texas lawn mowers need to be taken out for a trim every now and then to prevent an overgrown disoriented garden.

The different types of grass need to be cut according to their required height, which brings us to how important picking the right seed for the yard is in order for it to thrive in the arid climate of Texas and Dallas.

When looking for a the right grass seed, make sure you pick the one which is resistant to
harsh climatic conditions; the ideal type would be Bermuda, Zyosia and St. Augustine, these grass not only grow steadily in the hot climate but are also shade tolerant, so they can be grown in a semi-shaded part or your yard where there is limited stream of sunlight.

When there is a question of climate, another important concern is the type of soil; and in areas like Dallas, the soil is devoid of ample nitrogen, so when growing grass in dry places you may need the help of a fertilizer to balance the PH value as well as supply the necessary nitrogen content to the soil for a good yield.

But your garden will only look beautiful if it is well trimmed and even looking, for that you need to take those Dallas lawn mowers out and give your yard a trim regularly; though every kind of grass has its own height that it is best maintained at. For example if you are growing St. Augustine, which grows best at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches, you need to mow your lawn at least once a week, and similarly, if you opt for a tougher kind of grass like the Bermuda, then that needs to be cut every 5 to 7 days because it grows best at height of 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Keeping check of the color of the grass is important too when mowing it. If you cut your grass and it appears to be visibly paler or yellower, that means that it has been cut too short and is exposing the roots now, avoid cutting too much of the grass because that would make it loose its height and become rough. The color of the grass can also become pale and lifeless if you are careless with its watering; scarcity of water can damage the grass as much as stagnant water can, so make sure a regulated amount of water is supplied to the grass for it to thrive in.

During the summer season, especially in the month of July, make sure to keep your lawn
mower set higher so that it doesn’t cut too much of grass and your garden doesn’t lose its greenery and keep the grass at a lower height as spring season arrives. Also avoid cutting wet grass because it prevents even cutting by clumping together making it unable to trim.
With regular mowing of your lawn and proper watering you can combat the harsh climate and still manage a beautiful garden even in the hottest states.

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