Top 3 High Quality Ricoh Range Finder

Life is full of challenges that you undergo, learn, process and surpass. As you triumph each challenge you want to take some memories of it and preserve it in its still form to help you remember how brave you were to never give up despite all those struggles. You want to take pictures of every event you experienced whether looking your best, looking your worst or looking ordinary.

Taking pictures and sooner browsing through your albums will be quite nostalgic yet very funny. But celebrating life, surpassing obstacles do not need expensive cameras like SLRs and DSLRs. There are many cameras out there like 35mm range finders that are very budget friendly that even students can afford.

Aside from its affordable price, these cameras produce wonderful pictures that even professional photographers appreciate and love. One famous camera is Ricoh range finder that has garnered great product reviews from several users. Here are some of their great cameras as well as details that will guide you in choosing the right one for you.

1.) Ricoh 519 Black Range Finder
This camera has a black finish reflecting elegant and seductive beauty. Has a shutter speed of B, 1-500 seconds and film speed range of ASA 25-400. The film is manually rewind through its crank. It has a clean and clear rangefinder window that aligns accurately. With body dimensions of 140 x 83 x 63.5mm and weighing only 675 grams, this camera is a remarkable gadget to carry everywhere you go.

2.) Ricoh 126-C Auto CdS
This camera was made in 1969 in Japan. Although quite aged, this camera still produces great shots. This camera has a viewfinder with fixed lens of Rikenon f 2.8 / 43mm and shutter speed of 1/125. It has an exposure control which is a CdS meter and body dimensions of 121 x 91 x 70mm and weighing 500 grams. Its price ranges from 15 up to 50 US dollars.

3.) Riken 35
This camera has a black and silver body reflecting a vintage look that is cool to have and to collect. It has a shutter speed of 1/10, 1/200 and B with lens of Ricomat f 3.5 /45mm and aperture settings of 3.5 to 16. It also has a film advance knob on top of the camera and a rapid lever on the bottom. It uses a film type of 135 – 35mm. Its body dimensions are 8 x 14 x 6 cm and weigh about 630 grams.

There are many other Ricoh range finder cameras that are widely sold with their own distinct features and accessories included. With Ricoh, you can definitely capture the decisive moments of life on film.

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