The Truth about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Scam

The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow scam is something that has been talked about when people are considering a pillow that can help neck and back pain. The reviews about this particular pillow have been split, and most of them have small complaints when describing the pillow.

Pillows used to be just something soft that people used to sleep at night, but now they have become an alternative to medical care and many of them actually supply the results that they claimed people would get with their product. When deciding on a pillow, people usually include the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow in their decision process.

The most common review of this pillow is about how either it helped their neck pain, or they complained about the minor physical flaws that make the pillow slightly inconvenient to use. Some of the users have claimed that after several years of chronic neck pain, they have experienced great relief the day they started using this pillow.

Another positive aspect of this pillow is that it stays cool all night unlike other pillows that will heat up because of a person’s head. Some of the more negative feedback has been because of the small beads that are in the pillow and the strong smell of the new pillows.

People have said that the small beads fall out of the pillow as they sleep which can be inhaled and cause comfort issues. The final complaint is the strong smell that is involved with the pillow. They said that it keeps them from being able to sleep and that the smell does not fade after time even though the company claims that the smell will dissipate over a short period of time.

Overall, the choice of purchasing this pillow can be a risky one since the pillow is bought online and the user cannot be felt before they buy it.

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24 Replies to “The Truth about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Scam”

  1. I ordered one cloud pillow last week and they told me the special offer was 2 pillows for the price of one ($19.95). I said ok. Then, she kept trying to get me to buy more and I said NO repeatedly. Every other day this week, another pillow comes in the mail. I now have four, one of which is a king size. My credit card has been billed $129.75 so far. This is a real scam.

  2. i got mine at target for 20 Bucks and the case it comes with fixes the problem of beads coming out of it and i got 5 hours of sleep on other pillows so the 7 i get from my cloud is great for me

  3. DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW! My husband and I got suckered into this late one night while wathing TV. I started out buying one for $19.99, then I thought ok the 2nd is free, we’ll try it. Buy the time I completed the online purchase, it said my total was $130+. We tried to call and cancel, but there is no phone number on their website. The other day I started getting calls on my cell from an unknown number. They never left a message, so I finally answered it yesterday. And the guy said he was calling from Sobakawa and wanted to verify my address. I told him I wanted to cancel the order, so he gave me a different number to call 866-434-6600 but that number is always busy. This whole thing is a scam…do not buy.

  4. Hey dummies, if you look at the website it clearly states that for every 1 pillow you order your will get 2, in bright red letters. When things fail to work, 9 times out of 10 its user error.

  5. Sobakawa Phone number!
    I FOUND IT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!

    The number to reach the cloud pillow people at is 800-554-5925. Rejoice and let all the prinoners be FREE!!!!!!

  6. Ordered a pillow over the phone they have no live representatives which is concerning, they called me back after a week of trying to get in touch with them and charged me 167.75 for 4 pillows?


  7. Ok guys, same thing happened. Ordered off of TV, no operator, phone tree charged my CC $100, etc, etc., I went to website, emailed National Express inventors as there is no contact info!! Hahahaha, so ridiculous.

    Here is their response and contact info. I hope this helps everyone. I did get a call to up sell some budget savers crap but I said no to the $1 initial buy in. They are crafty!!! Gotta listen to every word… Ohhh by the way, the pillow has a VERY toxic smell like resin…They’ve been outside for two days now…still is very bad. I don’t think it’s a good idea to sleep on it with the vapors, just sayin’….

    FROM NATIONAL EXPRESS inventors email that I received.

    Please contact our customer service department at 800-284-4628 if you have not already done so.
    Thank You
    National Express Inc
    2 Morgan Avenue
    Norwalk CT 06851
    Ph: 203-852-0024
    Fax: 203-838-8642

    Customer Service did answer and fixed my charges. I’m sure I’ll have to keep checking for my budget savers crap charge. I said no, but I’ll probably still be charged. Stay tuned!

  8. I enjoyed the older Sobakawa with the buckwheat. The only minus for me was that it was so heavy. So I figured same pillow (cloud) different filling.

    Bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond on Friday for $20. it has been out of the package for several days now, and even though it feels ok I can’t take the chemical smell for very long. Hoping that dissipates soon. If it doesn’t, I may have to help it out by taking outside and putting it in front of a fan.

    Anyone else know how long it takes for the smell to clear?

  9. I purchased 2 of the standard size pillows at a local department store. I deveolped a slight cough, thought that i had come down with a cold. A few weeks later I ordered 2 queen/king size pillows. They arrived and I proceded to replace the smaller ones on my bed. My cough got much worse. After multiple trips to the doctor and several prescriptions for my cough nothing helped. Then like a light bulb it dawned on me that the cough didn’t start until I got the pillows and got worse with the larger pillows. I removed them from my bed and bagged them up. Within 2 days my cough was much better and after 4 days it was gone. We call sobakawa company and told them that i was allergic to the pillow and it caused my severe, uncontrolable cough. They’re resopnse was that it was impossible for me to be allergic to it because it was hypo-allergenic. However i assure you this was the case and i firmly believe that it has to do with that horrible odor that is embedded in the beads. USE EXTREME CAUTION IF CONSIDERING THE PURCHASE OF THE SOBAKAWA CLOUD PILLOW.

  10. i bought mine for 20 bucks at Bed Bath and Beyond….it did have a pretty strong chemical smell so i aired it out for a few days first…i also put 2 pillow cases on it.i have pretty bad neck problems and since using it i have been much better in the morning. the only bummer is that it is even smaller than a standard pilllw.

  11. The smell is terrible. And if you read the insert it warns you that the beads are highly flammable!! to the point that if they burn they will remove oxygen so rapidly there is a chance of suffocation as well !!

    I’m sending mine back. (Bought at Walgreens for $8)

  12. attempted to purchase a pillow with my bank card that was specifically setup for purchases on-line ($100.00) my order came to $54.00, appeared to go through.
    Waited several weeks wondering why I was not receiving pillow. Checked their systems and it shows my order was cancelled. I was never notified by the company that there was a problem.
    I believe this is because they were interested in a charge account with a large balance, due to the specials they talked about over the phone.
    *****BE WARE CONSUMER****

  13. Just wanted to order the two pillows for 19.99 plus 7.95 shipping. Bought some pillowcases and suddenly my total is 130??!! Going to try to cancel my order, especially after reading these comments 🙁

  14. I havent bought one yet, thought id read the reviews first. Lol im glad i did . Im definatley not buying one. Goin with the more expensive one made in america its called mypillow . Check it out everyone

  15. My husband bought mine at CVS and paid $20. After a couple of days it doesn’t have even a shape of the pillow. Will not buy another again and thank god didn’t buy over the phone.

  16. I’ve been having this cough the last few nights ONLY in bed. After throwing this pillow off the bed tonight at 2 am, I stopped coughing. I’m not sure if this pillow is causing me to cough…but someone else in these comments is convinced.
    Note: I have had this pillow for over a year. I have washed it in the washing machine a couple of times, once recently.

  17. I must hav been up in the clouds when i ordered these pillows, They are crap, ive had mine a whole month, the beads are now flat and they push up to the top of the pillow, it no longer has its pretty shape it sags. Quickest $100 i spent i wished i had flushed the money down the toilet fecking scam!!

  18. Sorry u all got scamed … the REAL Sabacawa ” pillow is made with buckwheat and NOT small plastic foam pieces.
    Try and find the “original” buckwheat and see the difference.

  19. I called to order 2 of the pillows because the infomercial said it was buy 1 get 1 free. Additionally I ordered 2 pillowcases for those 2 pillows. I denied wanting any other products through their automated sales line. At the conclusion of the call I was told my order total came $125-ish, and then I was hung up on. Tried to call back to the auto system to cancel and it wouldn’t let me. Found this forum today which someone, thankfully, had posted their cust. serv. #. Called and said I wanted to cancel my order, they said it has already been shipped so no can do. I asked why their was such a difference in price (I was expecting $20 for both pillows because of the bogo, and $8 each for the cases, which would total around $36ish). He informed me that I ordered another 3rd pillow, which I didn’t, and that the cost of it and it’s own shipping made up the differences in order total. His resolution – send back the order when I receive it, but I will only be getting a portion of the money back – still will be charged $30 some odd dollars for supposed non-refundable shipping costs. This company is bullshit, and as I have read above, their products reflect that. Avoid them at all costs.

  20. I got this pillow as a gift, and I love it! It doesn’t get hot or lumpy and it’s so comfortable i use it around the house like while watching tv or cuddling with my little guy, i don’t like sleeping with anything else now, my pillow never had that chemical smell or any kind of smell really, there is a big down side to the pillow, its that u can’t really wash it! u can wash the protective case but not the pillow it self without ruining it.

  21. The ordering of the Sobakawa Pillow is a JOKE. They put the order through without allowing a person to check the order and there is no phone number to cancel. The phone numbers listed above do not give you to a REAL PERSON.
    Unfortunately I was charged for six pillows. There is no free returns.

  22. The same exact thing happened to me. They charged me $105 after I order one 19.99 pillow (get one free with that) then the system ordered me a 29.99 large pillow and shipped it to me. Their auto order system is Bull**** and didn’t ask me to confirm order balance before processing. The pillows were nothing like what you see on tv and they claim they have a complete moneyback guarantee but they only gave me $50 back when I sent them back b/c they were a joke and poor quality AND I didn’t even order the third pillow. It cost me $27 on my own dime to ship them back so overall I am out $70 for nothing!

  23. Thankful I happened upon this site! I was excited about the 2 for 1 offer but skeptical that there was no phone number, so began searching for reviews. I was given this pillow as a gift about a year ago. I have to agree with Josie here. I love it! It does indeed have a strong chemical odor. I take no prescriptive drugs, do not do chemical extermination at home etc..and am quite careful with regard to chemical exposure in all areas of my life. I therefore was quite concerned with regard to the strong odor. The instructions that state to always use with pillow case, were even more ‘unsettling’. I did however really need a good pillow, so I aired it out for a couple of weeks prior to use. (without the pillow case) I first placed it out on my porch and turned it over several times a day for two weeks. Though lessened, the chemical odor was still apparent, but I just made certain to lie on my side. The odor finally did dissipate, and I can’t be without the pillow. I take it everywhere. The beads do separate as one said after a period of time , so I need a new one now. I have never had an issue though with any beads falling out. My local Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Belk and Target carry them….so I shall purchase here. Many thanks to all who posted and saved me from the on line scam!

  24. I’ve had a small pillow for over a year and love it. Bought it a our Bed, bath and beyond. I use the pillow case it came with. I’d like a larger one as I’m now on a c-pap and it takes up more room! A little leery though of ordering via the website. Amazon has the original size, but not the queen size. If you can’t find it locally, order though Amazon where you have protection.

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