The Truth about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Scam

The Sobakawa Cloud Pillow scam is something that has been talked about when people are considering a pillow that can help neck and back pain. The reviews about this particular pillow have been split, and most of them have small complaints when describing the pillow.

Pillows used to be just something soft that people used to sleep at night, but now they have become an alternative to medical care and many of them actually supply the results that they claimed people would get with their product. When deciding on a pillow, people usually include the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow in their decision process.

The most common review of this pillow is about how either it helped their neck pain, or they complained about the minor physical flaws that make the pillow slightly inconvenient to use. Some of the users have claimed that after several years of chronic neck pain, they have experienced great relief the day they started using this pillow.

Another positive aspect of this pillow is that it stays cool all night unlike other pillows that will heat up because of a person’s head. Some of the more negative feedback has been because of the small beads that are in the pillow and the strong smell of the new pillows.

People have said that the small beads fall out of the pillow as they sleep which can be inhaled and cause comfort issues. The final complaint is the strong smell that is involved with the pillow. They said that it keeps them from being able to sleep and that the smell does not fade after time even though the company claims that the smell will dissipate over a short period of time.

Overall, the choice of purchasing this pillow can be a risky one since the pillow is bought online and the user cannot be felt before they buy it.

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