What are the different types of love?

There aren’t any different types of love. There is only love. The different “types” that people perceive are either love mixed with other things, or different ways of expressing love.

For example, the typical example of unconditional love – a mother’s love for her child – can be a good example of the purest form of love. I say “can be” because not all mothers actually love their children unconditionally, and some don’t love them at all, but at least in theory this can give you a good idea of what I mean when I talk about love.

Then there’s what people call “brotherly love“, which as far as I’m concerned is just the same thing as unconditional love. It’s really no different from the mother and child thing. You could argue it can be different in intensity – as in, the mother loves the child more than friends love each other – and I would say that may be true in some cases, but won’t always be true. Like I said, some mothers don’t even love their children at all, so who is to say two friends can’t have a very strong love for each other? They can. And that doesn’t make them homosexual either, by the way.

Erotic love” is the one everyone is always talking about. If you love someone and are sexually attracted to them, then that’s exactly what you are: you love the person, and you’re also sexually attracted to them. Two seperate concepts. This is why it’s entirely possible (and quite common) to be sexually attracted to someone without actually loving the person at all. A lot of people get confused with this and think that if they love someone, they must also be sexually attracted to them, and the other way around too: if they are attracted to the person, they think it means that they love the person. Two seperate things – try not to confuse them.

Someone who is in an abusive relationship may actually love the person he/she is being abusive towards (at least to some extent), but may not have the mental strength to control his/her urges, or may have trouble expressing it because of unresolved psychologial issues. This same problem can be present with parent and child relationships – the parent may truly love the child, but because of some unmet psychological needs earlier in their life, or some other issues, may have trouble expressing it and may end up being verbally or even physically abusive when the child doesn’t want to do what they tell them to do.

What do you think? What other “types” of love can you think of, and what would be a better way to explain what they consist of? Post a comment below!

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About The Meaning Of Love

I write about love because I have always been deeply bothered by society’s definitions of love and how most people talk about love, and everything they associate with it. I have given this topic years of thought, and always found it extremely hard to explain my thoughts in actual words. How do you explain something as abstract and unexplainable as love? Sometimes the topic comes up on forums and I always respond to people as best I can. At first I was terrible at getting my point across, but after enough attempts I actually started to make some sense to myself. Then one day I realized I had typed quite a lot, and I never seem to run out of steam on this topic, so why not write some full articles about it? Click my little picture on the left to see all my articles.