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I write a lot about lights. I’ve written articles on solar lights, bronze lights, outdoor lighting, novelty lighting or find interesting is how the LED light just changed lighting. With the invention of the LED it’s now possible to light up just about anything. LED stands for light emitting diode, it’s a small little piece of electronics that emits light. The LED is done to the lightbulb with the transistor did to tubes. What makes an LED a game changer is that it admits light without giving off hardly any heat and it uses very little electricity. So now you’re able to take an old big lightbulb that needed a lot of electricity and gave off a lot of heat and shrink it down into this little piece of electronics that can run on a tiny battery and give off just as much light.

The LED has made many types of light up novelties possible, things that were cool ideas but not practical to make just a few years ago are now a reality. For example, the light up golf ball. I can remember thinking years ago would it be cool if you could have a lightbulb inside a golf ball so that you could play golf at night. I can remember my father saying “as soon as you hit the ball to break the lightbulb and how are you that if there a battery big enough inside a golf ball”. Well, today that problem is solved. Light up novelty golf balls are just one of the many crazy gadgets available today.

Light up novelties fallen to three broad types of technology and three categories of novelties. First are the old traditional lights and the novelties associated with the old technology. Traditional Christmas tree lights might be one example. The second category are products made with LED lights and new battery technology like the golf ball mentioned above. The third category of light up novelties are glow-in-the-dark stuff, these don’t have lights or batteries at all. However there made you can generally categorize light up novelties as either toys, gag gifts, and party favors, or useful novelties such as flashlights and the like, or novelty light fixtures such as an antique style bronze LED night light.

One of the more interesting trends in light up novelties is clothing that lights up. You can find hats, T-shirts, pants that come with a Velcro on light up designs powered by miniature batteries. You can wear this clothing is advertising or to attract attention to yourself at a club or while you’re out jogging. Light up party favors are also very popular. They make for great conversation at a party and can liven up the scene. What’s popular right now our light up shot glasses, ice cubes, and martini and wine glasses that light up change colors in blink. Also cool for parties are LED candles, they flicker and look like real candles without the danger of an open flame. One of the cooler items I saw while researching this article was to light up golf balls I mentioned in the beginning. The ones I read about turn on when you hit them and stay on for 5 to 10 min. and also blink.

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As I mentioned earlier under the useful category might fall items such as flashlights and the like. But you might not think of your iPhone as a light up novelty. Now consider this, the other day I was doing a little construction work. A customer asked me to find an electric outlet that had been covered up by the stucco on the outside of a house. We had an idea where the outlet should be so we cut a hole in the wall. There was no outlet there but then I had an idea, I took my iPhone that happens to have an LED flashlight for taking pictures and movies in the dark and I turn it on and stuck it in the hole in the wall and now I had a video camera with a light looking around the inside of the dark wall. We found the outlet. As you can see this was a novel use of new lighting technology.

Novel can simply mean unique. There are many unique light fixtures available. Some of my favorites are faux Tiffany lamps shaped like snails are butterflies lit up by LED lights. Bronze lighting is very popular these days and there are a lot of novelty light fixtures in bronze like the antique nightlight I mentioned earlier.

For more information on light up novelties and bronze lighting follow the links on this page. I hope this article helps shed some light on the subject.

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