Volkswagen Passat Over The Years

The reputation of a family car was always there for Volkswagen Passat and it was hugely popular. Given the huge popularity Volkswagen Passat was widely available, be it the local shops or online shops. Also, there are many old used Volkswagen Passat models available for cheap rates.

Interestingly, the word Passat means ‘Trade Wind’ in German. They have come up with 6 fantastic models of Volkswagen Passat so far since their entry in 1973. The 6th one was released in 2005 and the 7th one was displayed in the 2008 Auto Show.

Notably, early 70s where not the best time for Volkswagen models as the sales were all time low. Keeping the difficult market condition they have tried to bring maximum innovation and they were successful in their pursuit. For this, their collaboration with Audi helped them a lot.

The design of Volkswagen Passat was mostly inspired by the design of Sedan and Audi, the other 2 successful models in that period. The name was kept as Passat Mk1 and the model was highly popular for a long time until 1981. Giorgetto Giugiaro was the chief designer of this model.

Coming to the second model, Passat Mk2, the focus fell on having a better looking car. The overall length of the body was increased and the old round headlights were replaced with square ones. Along with North America, this model became very popular in Brazil and Mexico.

The third model (Passat Mk3) came in 1988 was a performance oriented car unlike the previous one. This time they put the look and feel in the backburner making way for a performance oriented car.

1993 saw the release of Passat Mk4 and Volkswagen Passat Mk5 got released after three years, in 1996. Passat Mk5 was the recipient of many awards. The last release of Volkswagen Passat was in 2006, their 6th model namely Passat Mk6. The 7th one is also around the corner as they have displayed this car in 2008 Auto show.

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