Do Not Wait To See The Doctor: Black Mold Poisoning Symptoms

The number one mistake people make when medical concerns arise is waiting too long to consult with a physician about the problem. In the case of black mold poisoning, waiting too long to be treated can lead to long-term health effects. If you are concerned that you are displaying black mold symptoms, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Rapid treatment will prevent life-long struggles.

Symptoms of black mold poisoning include: constant fatigue, fever, headaches, painful, red eyes, cotton mouth, stinging or burning in the nose, mouth or throat, chronic coughing, sneezing or development of rashes. Any or all of these symptoms may present as you are exposed to the mold spores. Unlike allergies however—many people assume that toxic mold symptoms are run of the mill allergies—black mold can cause scar tissue to develop on the lungs and hinder breathing for the rest of your life.

You can narrow potential disease factors to toxic black mold symptoms if the problems you experience intensify in the home. Because black mold grows best in damp, moist, dark, and warm areas, houses built between the fifties and the nineties are the perfect targets for the mold. With exception to the most arid climates such as Western Colorado or Arizona, black mold is prevalent throughout the Untied States (Colorado and Arizona do experience some black mold growths in homes that lack basic ventilation). At any point, if your home has been inundated with high humidity conditions or flooding, you could easily develop mold.

To make matters worse, once mold spores have grown, they are very hardy organisms. Even if the house is dried out and cleaned, the spores can continue to grow mold. The only sure way to rid a home of black mold is to have the house thoroughly treated by professionals. Once the home is treated, and you have been checked by a doctor, be sure to keep your residence well ventilated and clean, especially basement and storage areas. If lingering symptoms continue, do not hesitate to follow up with health professionals. The consequences of toxic mold poisoning are too serious to ignore.

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