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The definition of a wifelover is a married individual that engages in sexual activities outside the sanctity of their own marriage.  There are a bunch of reasons why an individual would participate in such activities and this article will discuss a few of them here.

The main reason that a married individual looks for sex outside the marriage is that the marriage is loveless.  Couples who have been together for a long, long time tend to drift apart without anything new and exciting in their lives.  Often times, couples engage in activities such as golf, tennis, or hiking, so that they could have something to do together.  It is this newness that helps help the bond strong.  However, if this bond is not strong and sexual desires remain strong in at least one spouse, they will look elsewhere to get it.

Second, couples will tend to keep a marriage intact when there are kids involved.  In today’s society, it is widely thought that the influence of two parents is always better than one.  In cases where a marriage is done mostly for the sake of the children, the spontaneity, the spark, and the excitement of living life together is gone.  Most often however, there are certain physical needs that each spouse has that will not be fulfilled by their partner.  It is in these occasions that sexual desires will be taken care of outside of marriage.

While there are many more reasons why people in relationships stray, the two discussed are the biggest.  It is quite ironic that the two biggest things that bring people together, the ability to procreate and the necessity of closeness is what ultimately drives people apart and into the waiting arms of new people.  There are even websites out there that will help people become wifelovers.

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  1. An obviously negative view on marriage here. All marriages certainly are not as described above. Marriages must be worked on like any relationship and out of that 10 times out of 10 love prevails. A few bumps in the road are only natural. Blog lady or man a little true love in your life could go a long way in your conveyance of what you consider “love to be”. Clearly you and everyone and their uncle know that “love is intangible” making it hard to hold on to. Yet if one is devoted whether they have children or not “love is achievable by all not the other way around. People are conditioned by society and TV to be indecisive and unsure of themselves. Sex and Lust is a precursor to love because mates want to be sure they are compatible in ways that are important for love term relationships. Tingling all over, hearts a pounding for 1-3 years, yeah baby if that’s what you are looking for, what a ride. That’s likely not love in its entirety but a good start to see if there’s anything there. Try making it happen and try to improve on everything about how you love yourself and your kids and your wife and your friends and all people and I think one would find that love is everywhere and loving that one special person is that much easier certainly then you convey your experience as being, trust me.

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