Alternative wedding dresses

Why white? When you start shopping for wedding dresses you might find yourself asking this questions as you consider white dress after white dress. The answer might surprise you.

‘Traditional’ white wedding dresses

White wedding dresses suggest tradition and are often associated with the idea of virginity or purity. Not only is this out-dated; it’s inaccurate. The common practice being married in a white wedding dress dates back only to the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself was the cause of this; when she got married in white people began to emulate her and a ‘tradition’ was born.

Colored wedding dresses

Colored wedding dresses are becoming ever more popular as many brides choose to break tradition. But by choosing a coloured wedding dress you can actually look incredible on your big day while being part of a much older tradition. Before Victoria, and even now, weddings among the moneyed were a way to display wealth and therefore wedding dresses were extravagant and luxurious, with expensive fabrics, often colourfully dyed. They would show the family’s position and fortune.

Wedding traditions

Both the idea of virginal purity and the display of the family wealth do seem rather out-dated concepts in the western world today. Many brides can and do choose instead to display their own personality and preferences in their choice of wedding gown and simply choose the color and design that suits them best.

What color wedding dress?

So, with all the choice in the world, what color to choose? Red wedding dresses are becoming popular and there are an increasing number of options, from deep red ballroom style dresses to bright red sheath dresses. Blue is beautiful, and was the traditional color of ‘innocence’ before Victoria’s white wedding dress. A black wedding dress will be striking, and as different as you can get! A camo wedding dress could work for a natural outdoorsy type of bride…. Green? Burnt orange? Lilac?

Once you start considering an alternative wedding dress the options look endless, and perhaps that’s the way it should be. Why should bridesmaids get all the color anyway? Any bride will look radiant in her favourite hue and she can relax in the knowledge that she will be remembered as beautiful and daring and different.

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