What Angry Customers Say About The Memory Foam Topper Mattress Pad

Like the magnetic mattress, the memory foam topper has oft been touted as the cure to all sleep disorders. If you have been persistently short of sleep all the while, it is only natural to be drawn in by all the hype. However, even though memory foam toppers have a scientific basis to them, unlike magnetic mattresses, there are angry customers who are dissatisfied with their toppers.

First, let us say that the memory foam mattress pad can help you to sleep better. But only if the circumstances are right. This is why there are angry customers. Either they were persuaded by unscrupulous salesmen, or they persuaded themselves, that a memory foam pad would solve all their problems, but were sorely disappointed when they discovered the real limitations of the product.

One of the biggest complaints by unhappy customers is the warmth. Things are fine when the bedroom is cool at night, but when conditions are sweltering, for example, in summer, sleeping on top of a memory foam topper pad is pure torture. Memory foam traps heat, and because it has no air spaces, memory foam toppers will not wick away your sweat. So you’ll be hot, and you’ll be wet, not exactly ideal when you need your precious sleep.

The second major complaint is the stink. As a side effect of its manufacture, toppers made of memory foam are inundated with volatile organic compounds. Furthermore, in the USA, many states mandate flame retardant treatments for bedding products. Both of them together cause quite a stench. You can get rid of most of the smell by leaving your foam topper outside the house for one to two weeks, but if you have a sensitive nose, the smell will never really go away.

A third source of complaints come from customers who have soft mattresses. The problem is that memory foam mattress pads work well when used with firm mattresses, but not with soft mattresses. Customers who thought their toppers were going to be a cheap way to fix their sleep find themselves left with a white elephant on their hands unless they are willing to throw more money at their sleep problem than budgeted for.

A fourth group of disappointed customers are those who toss and turn a lot in their sleep. They quickly find that their toppers are just like firm mattresses. This is because a memory foam topper only softens under your shoulders and butt after the warmth and pressure have been applied for a while. If there is insufficient warmth and pressure, the memory foam remains firm. While this is ideal behavior for your lower back which needs support, it is not comfortable for your shoulder blades or bum.

Toppers made from memory foam work for many people. But they are not perfect, and customers who are misled to think that these products are universally effective are understandably unhappy when they come up against the reality.

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