Argos Extra And Argos

When you go to the United Kingdom and Ireland, you may be surprised to find the wide range of options available to you when it comes to stores. Not just in the number of different stores available to you, but in the number of different types of stores. They have standard retailers, they also have catalogue merchants and merchants that have websites that go along with their delivery stores and are much better at working with people who are house bound for any reason because they deliver to the home.

The biggest one of these catalogue merchants is Argos. The parent company, Home Retail Group, also owns a ‘sister company’, known as Homebase, and together with both Argos and Homebase, Home Retail Group is incredibly successful in that area of the world. Argos is a catalogue store that has delivery outlets in eight hundred different locations across both islands. They are not a walk in store the way most major retailers are. Instead, you check for goods on a catalogue, either online, or deliverer to your home. There are also catalogues available at the eight hundred locations, the only difference between them and the home catalogue being the binding.

They did have stores called ‘Argos extra‘ for awhile, but with their rebranding system in place since 2010, they have been changing that to simply ‘Argos’ and keep reminding people that they are one of the standard catalogue stores, not a standard retailer. They are quite successful and their rebranding efforts have paid off quite well. Much of it consisted of centring their options and also working out what they needed to do to make their store work well in the twenty first century as opposed to the twentieth century. ┬áSo far, they’ve been doing quite nicely with restructuring.

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