If You Would Like to Achieve Astral Projection More Easily…

Is astral projection real? The debate may rage on in the scientific community but large numbers of people do not need to wait for a scientific verdict to tell them what they are experiencing: having an out of body experience is a powerful event, similar to dreaming yet markedly distinct, and only first-hand experience can make the validity of the phenomena clear to each individual. The modern rational mind may well dismiss experiences happening outside of its sphere or control, but it is missing out on a lot of fun!

If you are embarking on an astral projection journey, you will need patience, dedication and a lot of motivation. Brainwave entrainment might help quite a bit as well.

Brainwave entrainment in the form of binaural beats and isochronic tones are sound recordings which feature beats or tones of specific frequencies. These interact with the brain which is compelled to synchronize itself with the frequencies of the sounds. Doing so result in an alteration of brainwaves – and these are intimately linked to our states of mind. Yes, sound can rather easily induce altered states of consciousness.

To achieve astral projection for beginners in a more easy way, an astral projection binaural beats recording can have you enter a state of mind quite similar to that which naturally occurs during an OOBE. It simply encourages the lowering of your brainwaves, induces a mild trance state and you are then in a prime position to project your consciousness out of your body in a conscious manner.

Certainly, the listener still has to pay attention to the process of relaxing deeply, keeping his or her mind awake while the body becomes number and use visualization or some other exit technique to perform the actual projection of consciousness out of the body. It is a delicate process which demands practice but brainwave entrainment facilitates it in a significant way.

Given the tremendous thrill and excitement which out of body experiences usually provide (and yes, it can also generate fear as it is an unknown for most people), it is a worthy journey to embark upon.

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